Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ask Chris

Once upon a time, Chris had an official site with a section called "Ask Chris" where fans were allowed to submit questions for him to answer. Unfortunately, Chris decided to close down his official site- so if you plan on looking, don't bother (although I did hear rumors that he's willing to start it up again, so we'll see). Luckily I managed to submit my own questions- first in 2005 and then again in 2008- and he answered! And even more lucky was that I was smart enough to copy-paste my questions/answers. Whew! 
I should also note that Chris had a reputation of answering the fan questions "cheeky"

Do you like working with Isabel Gillies as she seems to be now appearing once a season, and will she be coming back?
Meloni: Love her very much. Don't know what will happen with my girl

What happened to Elliot's wedding ring? Is there a significant reason why he hasn't put it back on when he and Kathy reunited?
Meloni: Try to figure it out

Any chance for Maureen and the twins (Dickie and Elizabeth) to return or have they been forgotten, thus the Chuck Cunningham* curse?
Meloni: It seems they've been Cunningham'd. I don't know the reasonings behind it

You've been asked before of who's the better kisser between Connie and Mariska. However since you stated you never kissed Mariska, here's one that I'm sure would be a doozy...better kisser: Connie or Isabel?
Meloni: My lips are sealed

What was your thoughts about the plan of Elliot returning back to Kathy and becoming a father again?
Meloni: I'm thrilled

Sadly, I wasn't smart enough to save the other Q&A about Kathy/Isabel as I did not think about it at the time. Chris closed down his site unexpectantly before I had the idea to do so. I do recall a few by memory:
-someone asked about the lack of chemistry between him and Isabel- Chris defended that they were acting like a married couple of many years
-Chris mentioned that the Stabler children were well-grounded actors

*Chuck Cunningham was a character on "Happy Days" (1974-1984), the oldest child of Howard and Marion Cunningham and brother of Richie and Joanie. After the first 2 seasons, Chuck disappeared and never heard from again, making Richie and Joanie as two children.

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