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Silence (season 3)

Don was concerned for Elliot's involvement in the case, involving the Catholic Church
Elliot: You know, I try to be a good Catholic. Raise my kids as good Catholics

Elliot and Olivia were talking to a mother of an assault young victim
Elliot: My kid just started serving as an altar boy

Tortured (season 4)

Elliot and Olivia were questioning a husband who wasn't concerned about his dead wife being out all night. He thought she was working at a center
Elliot: I'm not buying it. If Kathy didn't come home all night, I'll be out looking for her.
Olivia: That's you
Elliot: That's everybody
Olivia: That's bull. How many times have we've been working on a case and Kathy doesn't hear from you?
Elliot: That's different, I'm on the job.

Wrong is Right (season 2)

Maureen was dancing with Ryan Witherspoon at a beach party until she saw Elliot walking towards them. Maureen rushed over to him; Kathy had taken the twins to a friend's birthday party so Elliot went to pick her up. He wanted to meet Ryan but Maureen refused, dragging him away.
Elliot and Maureen were in the car, listening to the radio until Elliot noticed something on Maureen
Elliot: Is that a tattoo?
Maureen: No
Elliot: Where'd you get it?
Maureen: Well, you've got tattoos
Elliot: I was 18 and in the service
Maureen: It's henna. It washes off
Elliot: Why didn't you just tell me that?
Maureen: I just did. You're such a cop
Elliot: Yeah, wait till you have kids. All the little Witherspoons.
Elliot came to a scene where cops were trying to put out a fire, instructing his daughter to roll up the windows and lock the car while he went to help. Elliot put out the fire and checked to find a murdered dead man. He heard a gasp behind him- it was Maureen. She started to cry. Elliot ran to her, holding her and told her not to look.
Elliot went to work, still in his beach clothes. John thought Jimmy Buffet was in town.
Elliot: I was taking Maureen home from the beach, see 2 uniforms fighting this fire up by Black Bank Marsh. I stop to help, turns out to be a body, gunshot would to the head, flames leaping off the crotch. My daughter sees the whole thing.
John: Is she all right?
Elliot: I don't know. Kathy picked her up. I was on the scene all night.
Elliot was about to go out again but Don stopped him: turns out Elliot's job is in trouble for fantasing about killing a perp to the Morris Commission
 Elliot was finishing shaving when he heard Maureen screaming. He rushed to her bedroom, comforting her, who was now crying
Elliot: What's the matter?
Maureen: The fire...
Elliot: Come here
Maureen: The fire. Daddy, the fire!
Elliot: It's okay, it's all right

Elliot had to see Dr. Emil Skoda. He hasn't slept well and was angry. Elliot was worried about losing his job over fantasing killing perps. Elliot had let this case get under his skin.
Elliot: This one, my daughter saw.
 Elliot was making himself a sandwich late at night when Maureen came down
Maureen: Dad?
Elliot: What are you doing up?
Maureen: Couldn't sleep
Elliot: What's the matter? You got nightmares?
Maureen: You have to sleep to have nightmares
Elliot: Right, what was I thinking? Want something to drink?
Maureen: No
Maureen asked about the case what would happen to Michael Goren, who committed the crime. Elliot filled her in- Michael wouldn't admit the whole truth. Maureen pointed out that it's easier to talk to friends rather than to adults, in fear of judging.
Elliot: You talk to Ryan Witherspoon?
Maureen: More than you talk to Mom
At home, the phone rang- Elliot picked up while Kathy and Maureen were making dinner. Once it was ready, Maureen called down Kathleen, Dickie, and Elizabeth. It was Don on the phone with some news
Kathy: Well?
Elliot: The Morris Commission cleared me

Note: This was the first episode Dickie and Elizabeth were referred to as the twins
-On this now-gone official site in the Ask Chris section, a fan asked about any particular deleted scenes that stood out. Chris mentioned about one where his wife gave him a head in the shower- it was hot. But NBC requested it to be omitted 

Deleted Scene: Wrong is Right

Elliot was taking a shower when a surprised Kathy came in. She got undressed to join him
Kathy: Elliot?!
Elliot: Yeah?
Kathy: You're home early
Elliot: It's been a long week
Kathy: It's only Monday
Elliot: Yeah. Where's Maureen?
Kathy: She's at school
Elliot: I thought she stayed home today
Kathy: I couldn't chain her to the bed
Elliot: How's she doing?
Kathy: She walked out the door this morning like nothing happened. She's you, Elliot. That set jaw, little crocked smile. So worried about her though. What she saw, she's not equipped to handle.
Elliot: She's a tough kid. I'll talk with her.
 Kathy: You were right, you know
Elliot: I was right?
Kathy: Here, turn around, let me do your back. You were right not to bring your work home to us
Elliot: Well, that might become permanent. I'm on the Morris Commission list.
 Kathy: Why?
Elliot: They think I might be overstressed
Kathy: Oh, I have something good for that
Elliot: Out of control
Kathy: You?
 Elliot: Kathy...
Kathy: Have you been doing this with the Morris Commission?
Elliot: Look, you-- we can't be spending money right now
Kathy: Okay
Elliot and Kathy continued to kiss
Note: This scene was supposed to be #21

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My Third 'Ship'

It was clear that Elliot and ADA Sonya Paxton butted heads over the cases. They have had many heated arguments that had Sonya slapped Elliot. It was soon revealed that Sonya had a drinking problem and was forced to go into rehab. Sonya did return- sober- to try to resurrect her career and again, Elliot and Sonya butted heads. This time it was over Kathleen's involvement on their case- whether or not to put her on the stand to testify. Sonya did return one more time but had only one scene with Elliot on Skype. Sonya was soon murdered. Elliot arrived at the scene when Olivia was leaving. They hugged before Elliot went on in to see Sonya's body- he was devastated by her death.
I personally thought that their chemistry was so intense that there were sparks and I would even go as far as wanting them do the deed on the interrogation table. I would have cheered them on despite my loyalty to Elliot's marriage.

Behind the Scenes

I'm not exactly sure where exactly the source these pictures were from. Do you know? I got these pictures from someone on twitter about a year or two ago. From my memory, she said she got them from Myspace some years ago when Myspace was really popular and the 'thing'. But I don't know who's Myspace. Unfortunately my twitter friend mysteriously disappeared and her twitter page was deleted. I hope she's well. 
From what I'm guessing, I think the woman is newborn Eli's real life mother. It's a great find. 

Inside the Stabler Home: Maureen's Bedroom

Maureen's bedroom was only shown once- briefly- in the episode Wrong is Right in season 2. In the first season, Maureen has been in her room off camera, to either be away from her father (Chat Room) or was grounded and was kept in her "cell" (Sophmore Jinx). It's unclear if she shared her bedroom with her sisters. Maureen moved out when Kathy left Elliot, moving to her maternal grandmother with her mom and siblings. However, by season 8, Maureen had moved out.

Season 5 Shorts

Elliot and Olivia were on a stake-out
Olivia: One of your kids got into serious trouble, what would you do?
Elliot: I don't know
Olivia: Yeah, you do. You'd hire the best lawyer that you could and you'd tell them to keep their mouth shut.

Elliot and Olivia were talking to OB/GYN Dr. Curtis about their murder victim and her stillborn about how stress can trigger labor
Elliot: Years ago, I was involved in a shootout. My wife saw it on the news, gave birth to our second kid right there a month early

Elliot, Olivia and Casey were discussing parents' reactions to their child's homosexuality
Casey: You got kids, you ever wonder if one's gay?
Elliot: I don't know. I haven't asked
Olivia: Elliot, you know your kids, you'd know one of them was gay.

The Detectives were watching murder victim Shannon Coyle's home video of her choir class
Elliot: Reminds me of Elizabeth's friends- typical high school kids

Elliot and Olivia were looking through murder victim Emily Sullivan's text messages on her cell
Elliot: You know, my daughter text messages her friends 20 times a day

Elliot and Olivia were looking through millionaire toy store owner Billy Tripley with John and Fin
Elliot: This has got to cost more than my family car

Elliot and Olivia found out that college Professor Javier Vega was an ex-criminal and drug addict, confronting the Dean
Elliot: I wouldn't want my children being taught by a murderer

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Episode Still: Game

Wedding Rings

Elliot's wedding ring was probably the most known and constant prop on the show. He had worn his ring constantly (very rarely had it off) until Kathy left him. But the ring remained on until the middle of season 7; halfway through the episode (Name) he had it on and then it was off. It remained off until the beginning of season 10. It was a season (9) after Elliot and Kathy already reunited that the wedding ring was off. Why? There was a lot of speculation and curiosity about it during that time, especially with the Elliot-Olivia shippers; even a few non-shippers who weren't fond of Kathy or even liked her had questioned it. There were a few theories: men aren't really jewelry-maniacs as women are. There are happily married men who prefer not to wear a ring or would wear it from time to time. There's also weight gain where it would get to the point where the ring wouldn't fit and cause a problem with blood circulation. The Elliot-Olivia shippers took it as a sign that the Stabler marriage was in trouble. Chris was asked about it on his official site (it wasn't just my question, there were a few related questions from others as well) during that time period- he responded by thinking it wasn't a big deal. The ring 'prop' was Chris's real-life wedding ring and he doesn't wear it as often so it may have leaked into his character. As mentioned before, the ring returned and remained put until the end of season 12 when Chris/Elliot left the show. The only time Elliot had his ring off was when he went undercover as a single man.
As for Kathy, she had hers on until she left him in season 6; although some viewers claimed to have seen it on in Blood. But in season 9, after Elliot returned home and she was pregnant, Kathy's ring returned- but it was silver- probably as a prop as Isabel wasn't married at the time. Isabel did remarry, but her real-life wedding ring was silver while her character's ring was gold (from seasons 10-12 looked like from seasons 1-5). Her season 9 wedding ring could've been a bigger ring for Kathy's pregnancy/weight gain...yet Isabel wasn't pregnant.

Affection: Season 5

Mother- Elliot wouldn't let Kathy treat sex offenders one-on-one every day
Home- Kathy sent Dickie to get some cookies when Elliot got a phone call from a little boy. Kathy told him to go; they kissed before Elliot left.

Kathleen Mentions

Chat Room- Kathleen
Wrong is Right- Kathleen (by Maureen)
Resilience- my daughter
Serendipity- our second kid
Mean*- my daughter
Outcry- my daughter Kathleen
Venom- your daughter (by Fin)
Mask- my daughter

*- it could've been either Maureen or Kathleen
Note: these episodes are mentions, not when Holiday Segal or Allison Siko appear

Mother (season 5)

After talking to assault victim, Dr. Greta Heints, and her husband, Elliot's take on the husband was that he loves her but hates her job
Olivia: Well, how would you like it if Kathy was treating sex offenders one-to-one every day?
Elliot: Wouldn't let her
Olivia: Let her?
Elliot: Did I say that?

Elliot was disgusted by the way Greta treats her patients by re-parenting them
Elliot: Lady, I've got 4 kids. If I ever talk to one of them like that I'd arrest myself

Doubt (season 6)

Alleged rape victim, Myra Denning, accused Elliot for sexually harassing her through her attorney, Lorna Scarry. Don and Olivia defended Elliot but Lorna dropped a bombshell.
Lorna: Men change. Especially when their wives file for legal separation. My investigator checked the court documents. He also found out your wife took the kids and moved in with her mother
Elliot: You have no right to use my personal life to make your case
Lorna: I don't give a damn about your personal life
Elliot left while Lorna demanded that he's off the case while Olivia went after him. Olivia was stunned by the news
Elliot: Kathy left me.

While the case was going through trial, Olivia was concerned for Elliot
Olivia: Elliot. What happened with you and Kathy?
Elliot: The job. Makes me kinda hard to live with.
Olivia: She should try working with you...You okay?
Elliot was about to answer but Don came in about the verdict for the trial

Chameleon (season 4)

Elliot and Olivia were looking through the murder victim's credit card statements
Olivia: You gave me your credit card to buy Kathy's birthday present- nobody asked for my ID
Elliot: 'cause you look like a cop
Olivia: I do not look like a cop

Elliot was interrogating Maggie Peterson, the suspect with a cocktail personality who tried to seduce him
Maggie: ...I mean, look at your body. Who are you trying to impress?
Elliot: Maybe my wife
Maggie: Oh no. No, that entire package is for everyone else

Hysteria (season 1)

 The family was eating dinner with Maureen talking about her friends and wanting her belly button pierced.
Kathy: Don't even think about it
Maureen: But it's so cool
Elliot: Your Mom says no holes, no holes
 Kathy wanted an another child to have a turn to talk, asking Kathleen about school. Kathleen's older friend, a soccer teammate, was pregnant and quit school. Kathleen didn't want to talk about it anymore and ran to her room.
 Kathy was sound asleep in bed while Elliot was awake. The phone rang for Elliot while Kathy snuggled. It was time to go to work.
Elliot and Kathy were having a difficult time trying to talk to Kathleen. She kept locking herself in her room. So Elliot decided to use her soccer practice to explain about sex, using soccer as an example. She needed to guard it with her life.
Kathleen: Dad, I'm a virgin, okay?
Kathleen kicked the ball, it passed a stunned Elliot

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Isabel & Mariska

Isabel, Nicole Alter, Mariska Hargitay, and Zachary Karabell in 2008

Isabel and Mariska got close after Isabel's 2005 divorce and her return to SVU when they started to have more scenes together

Their children (Isabel's two and Mariska's three) are playmates

Isabel (and her husband Peter) have donated to Mariska's charity Joyful Heart Foundation.

In 2007, Mariska attended Isabel's wedding to Peter Lattman

In 2009, Mariska and Peter Hermann attended Isabel's book event, Author's Night, in the Hamptons

In 2010, Isabel attended the viewing of Behave (SVU episode with Jennifer Love Hewitt) at Mariska's home with Chris, Ice-T and Coco also attending

On twitter, Mariska and Isabel follow each other

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Like Father, Like Son

Elliot acknowledged that Dickie reminded so much of himself it's scary. They tend to get what they wanted- according to Kathy it's not one of his (Elliot's) more endearing qualities

Ask Chris

Once upon a time, Chris had an official site with a section called "Ask Chris" where fans were allowed to submit questions for him to answer. Unfortunately, Chris decided to close down his official site- so if you plan on looking, don't bother (although I did hear rumors that he's willing to start it up again, so we'll see). Luckily I managed to submit my own questions- first in 2005 and then again in 2008- and he answered! And even more lucky was that I was smart enough to copy-paste my questions/answers. Whew! 
I should also note that Chris had a reputation of answering the fan questions "cheeky"

Do you like working with Isabel Gillies as she seems to be now appearing once a season, and will she be coming back?
Meloni: Love her very much. Don't know what will happen with my girl

What happened to Elliot's wedding ring? Is there a significant reason why he hasn't put it back on when he and Kathy reunited?
Meloni: Try to figure it out

Any chance for Maureen and the twins (Dickie and Elizabeth) to return or have they been forgotten, thus the Chuck Cunningham* curse?
Meloni: It seems they've been Cunningham'd. I don't know the reasonings behind it

You've been asked before of who's the better kisser between Connie and Mariska. However since you stated you never kissed Mariska, here's one that I'm sure would be a doozy...better kisser: Connie or Isabel?
Meloni: My lips are sealed

What was your thoughts about the plan of Elliot returning back to Kathy and becoming a father again?
Meloni: I'm thrilled

Sadly, I wasn't smart enough to save the other Q&A about Kathy/Isabel as I did not think about it at the time. Chris closed down his site unexpectantly before I had the idea to do so. I do recall a few by memory:
-someone asked about the lack of chemistry between him and Isabel- Chris defended that they were acting like a married couple of many years
-Chris mentioned that the Stabler children were well-grounded actors

*Chuck Cunningham was a character on "Happy Days" (1974-1984), the oldest child of Howard and Marion Cunningham and brother of Richie and Joanie. After the first 2 seasons, Chuck disappeared and never heard from again, making Richie and Joanie as two children.

Execution (season 3)

Elliot and George were talking to prisoner Matthew Brotus, who was going to be executed, hoping that he will confess to killing his first victim. But Matthew wanted to talk about their first time; George remembered his first time fondly but Matthew wanted to hear from Elliot
Matthew: Tell me about your first time. How do you remember it?
Elliot: Fondly
Matthew: I don't have time for games
Elliot: It was painful
Matthew: For who?
Elliot: For her. I thought I'd done something wrong
Matthew: You did. You knocked her up. For all your sweaty fumblings you earned a lifetime of responsibility. You look like the type of little bastards running around. How many are there?
Elliot: A few.

Note: Matthew Brotus was played by Nick Chinlund- who was originally up for the role as Elliot Stabler

Raw (season 7)

Elliot was shot in the arm in court by Kyle Ackerman. Olivia was visiting him at the hospital
Olivia: Did anyone call Kathy yet?
Elliot: No. Don't.
Olivia: Elliot. Don't be like that-
Elliot: She started divorce proceedings
Olivia: When?
Elliot: A couple of weeks ago. I have the papers at home, I just haven't signed them yet.

Note: It would take midway into season 8 for Elliot to sign the divorce papers

Pandora (season 4)

Elliot and Homicide Detective Sam Bishop were having drinks after solving a case. Sam wanted to buy another round.
Elliot: No, I got to get home. I've got to make sure my kids remember what I look like
Sam: Oh yeah? How many do you got?
Elliot: 4
Sam: They why you do this job?
Elliot: They're part of it.

Note: This was the first time for Elliot to travel out of the country to Prague

Nocturne (season 1)

Elliot was reading along with Elizabeth and Dickie "The Night Before Christmas", taking turns. However, Elliot's beeper went off, interrupting them
Dickie: Are our stockings going to be filled tonight?
Elliot: Dickie, I'm only going to tell you this one more time: Christmas only comes once a year and it is now February (to Elizabeth): Give me the phone Hon
Dickie: But why, Daddy, why?
Elizabeth: Yeah, why can't Christmas come all the time?
Elliot: Because Santa's credit cards are all maxed out, that's why
 Elizabeth and Dickie wrapped their arms around Elliot while he returned a call from his beeper
Late at night, Kathy found Elliot downstairs at their piano; he didn't feel like talking
Kathy: Elliot...you all right?
Elliot: Yeah
Kathy: How's it going?
Elliot: Going
Kathy: What's going on at work?
Elliot: Nothing
Kathy: You talk to Olivia about it?
Elliot: She's my partner

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Inside the Stabler Home: Eli's Bedroom

During the first year of Eli's life, his crib was in his parents' bedroom
Sometime after season 10 and by the time of season 12, Eli had his own room and a big-boy bed

The Twins' Mentions

Wrong is Right- the twins
Parasites- I have twins
Competence- my twins
Contagious- twins
Identity- my twins
Pure- twins (by Olivia)

Note: these are episodes that the 'twins' do not appear in but are mentioned in the episode

Monogamy (season 3)

Olivia and Don saw Maureen coming over to the squad to talk to Elliot
Olivia: Hey Maureen
Maureen: Hey (to Elliot): Dad?
Elliot: Sweetheart, what's wrong?
Maureen: Can I talk to you please?
Elliot: Yeah, yeah, yeah, come on.
Don: Go ahead, use my office
Elliot and Maureen went into Cragen's office to talk in private while he and Olivia continued to discuss the case. After a few minutes, Elliot and Maureen returned
Olivia: How's school going, Maureen?
Maureen: It's fine
Olivia: You get your college applications out?
Maureen: Pretty much
Elliot: You're going to be late
Maureen: Okay (to Olivia): Bye Olivia

Elliot and Olivia were waiting for their potential suspect and Olivia noticed that Elliot was being a jerk
Olivia: This about Maureen?
Elliot: I screwed up. I didn't send a check with the Columbia application
Olivia: Is it too late?
Elliot: I don't know
Olivia: Elliot, what is this?
Elliot: I've been distracted

Elliot's mood continued at the squad- his problems were more than just Maureen's college application.
Olivia: Is there someone else?
Elliot: No, it's nothing like that. To be honest, it'd be easier if there was. I don't know what it is. It's just never goes away, you know? Every case gets a little bit more horrific than the last and I go home. What am I supposed to do? Talk about my day at work? 'Honey, today a guy cut a baby out of his wife's stomach. Pass the gravy, please?'.
Olivia: So, you just don't talk at all? That's no solution Elliot
Elliot: Well, one of us has to be able to sleep at night. She thinks I'm shutting her out
Olivia: You are. That's exactly what you do. You keep this up, you're going to ruin the best thing you ever had.

Elliot went to visit Dr. Richard Manning, a suspect, in prison to talk.
Richard Manning: You're married
Elliot: 18 years
Richard Manning: Children as well?
Elliot: 4 of them.

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Savior (season 11)

Olivia and Elliot were disagreeing about the struggling life and health of their rape victim's premature newborn baby.
Olivia: Elliot, what if little Eli was gonna die? Or he was so disabled that he needed round-the-clock care for the rest of his life?
Elliot: I wouldn't play God
Olivia: Then don't play Doctor either
Elliot was about to respond back but Alex came in; he left.

Blood (season 6)

Elliot and Olivia were at the Forensic's garage when Fin came in
Fin: Got a call from a friend at the 1-5
Elliot: Yeah, and?
Fin: It's your daughter, Kathleen. They picked her up for DUI. They're holding her at the precinct
Olivia: Go ahead
Elliot went over and got more information about Kathleen's arrest: she made an illegal U-turn and was pulled over. Patrol officer smelled booze on her. Kathleen never told the cops who she was while being booked until they found Elliot's courtesy sheild in her wallet. Elliot then wanted to see her.
Kathleen: Daddy!
Elliot: It's okay, it's okay
Kathleen: I'm so sorry
Elliot: It's okay...Why didn't you call me? Why didn't you tell the officers who I am?
Kathleen: I was scared
Elliot: All right, I'm sure you were Baby
Kathleen: No, I was scared what you'd do
Elliot and Kathleen hugged.
Elliot got Kathleen released; Kathy arrived to pick her up. Kathy and Kathleen hugged
Kathleen: Mom!
Kathy (to Elliot): Is everything okay?
Elliot: Yeah, I'll handle it
Kathy: I'm sorry...she went to a party--
Elliot: --and you just let her go?
Kathy: Elliot, she is 17 years old
Elliot: I know, look we'll...take her home. We'll talk about it tomorrow
Kathleen: Dad
Elliot: Night Baby
Elliot was about to walk away until he realized he still had Kathleen's wallet. When he handed it back, Kathy snatched it away

Don found out about Kathleen's arrest and confronted Elliot about it. Elliot was about to leave.
Don: What happened at the 1-5 2 nights ago?
Elliot: My kid got in trouble. Good night
Don: Why didn't you call me?
Elliot: Nothing to tell. I took care of it. Patrol issued a summons for a moving violation they bought Kathleen down to verify the ID
Don: After you got everybody to make her DUI go away
Elliot: Okay, what are you saying, Captain?
Don: Somebody starts digging, they're going to find a paper trail. Radio tapes from the sector car telling Dispatch they stopped a DUI
Elliot: If it comes back to me, I'll take care of it
Don: What about the guys who stuck out their necks out for you?
Elliot: Well, they got kids. They understand
Don: That the message you wanna send your kids? That the law only applies to certain people?
Elliot: I'm taking care of my family and given that chance, I'd do it again
Casey walks in and noticed a tense moment between Don and Elliot

Note: This episode kicks off the start of Kathleen's drama for the next few seasons.
At the time of the filming, Isabel was living in Oberlin, Ohio where she was working as an acting teacher at Oberlin college. The show flew Isabel in for her scene

Elliot's Childhood

Elliot was born and raised in Queens, New York to Joe and Bernadette Stabler. Elliot and his 3 brothers and 2 sisters were raised in the old-fashioned Irish way of never hugging, never saying 'I love you'. When Elliot was 8, he wanted to be an architect while building amazing buildings with his blocks and Legos, sketching cities with sky-scrapers going up to the sky. But it was kid stuff: Elliot really wanted to be a cop.
One summer, the family rented a cottage in Wildwood, building sandcastles. But things went wrong when Bernadette told Joe she was leaving them while running around showing how she needed to be free. When Joe picked up Elliot, she ran off and got his gun threatening to kill herself, but Joe laughed. When Elliot started to cry, Bernie took a shot at them. Elliot remembered the crazed look on her face and wondered why she hated them so much.
When Elliot was 10, Bernie wanted to go to Paris to be a painter and took Elliot to the airport while trying to buy the tickets with her Macy's card. The flight was idlewild and so Joe picked them up. During the same time period, Elliot was in the 5th grade, he and Joe made a diorama on the Civil War. But Elliot moved a tree that angered Joe who destroyed the project while calling him a failure. Elliot cried and got a F. They butted heads a lot.
Elliot was one time part of a Thanksgiving Day Pageant, dressed as a carrot that Bernie made for him. Joe was happy that he wasn't dressed as a fruit.
In 1969, Bernie and Elliot were in a car accident- they were driving in a blizzard and were the only car out driving. Bernie was chasing after snowflakes and drove into a pole that broke Elliot's arm.
While Elliot was in high school, he played Strong Safety in football
By the time Elliot was 20 years old, he was already married to Kathy and had Maureen. Elliot worked the graveyard shift at his Uncle's bar. One night he was out back emptying the trash when these 2 rich punks jumped him. Elliot knew who they were because they had spit in his face earlier in the night when he wouldn't served them drinks as they had no ID. So, they were fighting and Elliot picked up a bottle and busted one of the kids' head- he nearly died. Elliot told the cops his story and was sent home. The next day, Elliot was arrested from one of the kids' father, who was a lawyer and had a friend in the DA office. But Joe called in a favor and got the case to go away.
When Elliot was 18, he enlisted in the Marines while Maureen was a baby. He returned home after 2 years to start his new life as a cop. Elliot became a Detective in 1989 when he arrested Callum Donovan of robbery, despite not being old enough.


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Affection: Season 4

Risk- Kathy visits Elliot at the squad, bringing him dinner and try to get him home to get some sleep but Elliot couldn't. When a new lead came in, he grabbed Kathy's head to kiss her while telling her to hug the kids, he loves her, and thanked her for dinner. During their conversation, Kathy affectionately touched his shoulder and cheek, kissing his cheek

Tortured- If Kathy didn't come home all night, Elliot would be out looking for her

Eli's Episodes

Season 8
Annihilated (conceived)
Screwed (announced)

Season 9
Alternate (pregnancy)
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Jo Marlowe

During Jo's 10 years as a cop, she trained Elliot while he was a rookie during the time they were partners. Jo moved on as a Luetenieut but after a tragedy involving her cops in an undercover operation gone wrong, she quit to go to law school to become a lawyer. At first, Elliot couldn't get over her departure and they hadn't seen each other for 15 years.                                      
Elliot told Olivia stories about Jo but she originally thought that he was talking about a man until she met Jo in person. The relationship between Jo and Kathy is unknown- there was no mention except for a brief curiousity. Jo was curious to know if Elliot and Olivia had ever slept together? Olivia denied it- Elliot's married. A year before joining the unit, Jo battled breast cancer and was dumped by her then-boyfriend. It was a happy coincidence for Jo when D.A. Jack McCoy asked her to be SVU's new ADA when Alex Cabot went overseas.
Jo's Episodes
In the early Spring of 2010, Sharon Stone signed on to appear in 4 episodes as a temporary ADA

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Sharon Stone Joins SVU

TV Guide; April 2010
...Neal Baer describes Jo as a funny adrenaline junkie who loves to be in the middle of everything and shares a past with Stabler. She's been married before and has a lot of secrets.

Turning to Stone
A woman from Stabler's past re-enters making things more complicated for the SVU detective- not that we're complaining. Why would we when that woman is played by Sharon Stone, who begins a 4-episode arc as Stabler's former partner and new ADA Jo Marlowe? "They haven't seen each other in years," explains exec. producer Neal Baer, who describes Stabler's first reaction to Marlowe as 'uh-oh!' Indeed, Marlowe ruffles some feathers while with the SVU team and tonight even gets chewed out by DA Jack McCoy (Sam Waterson) for her tactics in handling an arson-murder case. Stabler also has doubts about Marlowe, but no one will question the undercover assignment that finds him posing with Benson (Mariska Hargitay) as a married couple. "Fans can get their fantasies going again," laughs Baer. What about Stabler and Marlowe- were they more than just cop buddies? Baer teases, "All you have to do is take one look at Sharon Stone and you're like 'What kind of partnership did they have?'" Again with the fantasies!