Sunday, December 23, 2012

Wildlife (season 10)

Elliot and Fin went to an after-party club for an investigation of a murder in early morning.
Elliot: 7:00 AM- Don't these ladies ever sleep?
Fin: Probably more than you. Probably get more too.

Elliot was filling in Don on the case when Olivia interrupted
Olivia: El, it's Kathy. She's been calling your line, now she's calling mine. Wants to know when you'll be back
Elliot: Tell her I'm in the field
 While Elliot went undercover to meet with Andre Busido and Victor Tybor, Kathy (holding Eli) was calling Elliot, leaving a voice message to call her. She saw a car drive up and went to the went to the window
 Kathy: Look, Eli. Daddy's finally home
Kathy and Eli went to the door, finding Olivia instead
Kathy: Where's Elliot?
Olivia: He's not with me, Kathy
Kathy: Oh God. Did something happened?
 Olivia filled Kathy in about Elliot. Kathy was not happy
Olivia: He's okay, he's undercover. And he knows that you're worried
Kathy: You liked to me on the phone
Olivia: I'm sorry, it's just it all went down so fast
Kathy: Too fast to call his family?
Kathy storms off
 Kathy was packing up a small bag while fighting back tears while Eli was being fussy in his playpen. Olivia was trying to comfort Kathy
Olivia: Don't you think you should sleep on it for a few days before you make such a huge decision?
Kathy: I did. But I can't take this anymore
Kathy picked up Eli and headed for the door
Olivia: Where are you going?
Kathy: I don't know. Does it matter? He won't call
Olivia: He would if he could. Kathy, I will make sure that he does
Kathy reluntantly put down her bag.
Olivia went to see Elliot at his undercover home, worried. Elliot had to give up his undercover phone and wallet- he had no choice. So, Olivia gave Elliot her cell phone so he can check in with Don
Elliot: Tell Kathy too
Olivia: I just saw her
Elliot: She mad?
Olivia: She's worse than mad, and I can't say that I blame her
Elliot: Well, Liv, what the hell am I supposed to do? Tell the bad guys I gotta get home for diaper duty?
Olivia: You go undercover again and don't tell Kathy, you'll be safer here than home. Call her.
Elliot and Olivia were interrupted by Victor and Andre. Olivia pretended to be a hooker; Andre took Elliot out and unexpectantly shot him twice.

Elliot went back to work to finish off the case, chasing down Andre while Olivia arrested Victor- who turned out to be an undercover cop himself. Elliot offered to call Victor's family
Victor: Family's gone. Lost them long time ago. This life proved too much for them.
Elliot shut the door and looked on as Victor was driven away
 Eli was crying; Kathy got up, turned on the light, and attempted to get out of bed. But Elliot grabbed her arm
Elliot: I got it. I'll get him, Baby
Despite being shot twice, Elliot got out of bed and went to Eli's crib in their bedroom, picking up to console him.
Elliot: What's the matter? What's the matter? Come on. Aw. Sh...
Elliot started to make soothing sounds while Kathy looked on, turning off the lamp.

Note: According to the episode writer, Mick Betancourt, Dickie and Elizabeth were spending a night at their grandmother's (it wasn't in the episode, I asked him via Facebook when he had a profile at the time)

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