Monday, December 31, 2012

Uncivilized (season 1)

 Elliot met up with his family at the park for a lunch picnic
Elizabeth: Daddy, over here!
Elliot: Over where?
Elizabeth: Here!
Kathy: Hello. We waited for you as long as we could
Elliot: Yeah...where's Dickie?
Maureen: I'm sure he's playing ball
Elliot gave Kathy a kiss and took off his jacket to put on Maureen. Elliot realized that Dickie wasn't around and went looking for him.
 Dickie was playing ball nearby
Dickie: What's the matter, Daddy? Are you mad at me?
Elliot: No
Elliot hugged Dickie in relief
 Elliot was picking up Dickie from school, playing in the playground. Dickie wanted to know when Elliot was coming to talk to his class. Elliot noticed a man in the park- Dickie noticed and asked if he was looking for pedophiles. Elliot wondered where Dickie learned that; a friend told him and that Elliot would explain later when talking to his class
Elliot was talking to Dickie's class about being a cop. He explained to the children not to trust strangers and turn to someone who they do trust
Little boy: What if your Dad's the one that's hurting you? Then what?
Elliot: Then you tell Dickie and he'll tell me

Brian and Elliot were at a crime scene to find a piece of important evidence
Brian: Is it hard for you to go home at night to your kids after working on a case like this?
Elliot: Not any harder than trying to make love after hearing a rape victim describe her attack in great detail

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