Monday, December 10, 2012

SVU's Chris Meloni Hits the Gym

TV Guide; 2008
I hear it's going to be a really revealing SVU season for Stabler. True?
They've written me an awesome show this year. You'll learn about Elliot in a very deep long-term way

There are several "awesome" guest stars who interact with Stabler. On October 14, James Brolin shows up
He plays a hotshot astranaut and former Marine who was a surrogate father to Elliot, who himself had dreams to be an astronaut. He's in town for a conference when a female astronaut winds up dead. He then helps with the case

And the week after, we meet Elliot's mother, played by Ellen Burstyn. Why?
Things happen with my daughter Kathleen that only my mother can help me with. And she's pretty eccentric!

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