Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Season 3 Shorts

Elliot was worried about Olivia, inviting her over for dinner
Olivia: When was the last time your kids saw your ugly mug?
Elliot: Come on, we'll set an extra place. Come on.
Olivia: No thanks

Olivia and Elliot were searching the victim's home. Olivia was looking through a photo album of the victim and her husband
Olivia: God, you have been married for 17 years, haven't you?

Elliot and Olivia questioned Edwin Todd, a workaholic, about his wife's attack
Elliot: It's nice to know I'm not the only one catcing grief for working all the time

Rebecca Tolliver was telling Elliot how much her Down Syndrome adult daughter, Katie, loves the zoo
Elliot: Yeah, so do my twins
Rebecca: How old are they?
Elliot: Eight, and I have a boy and a girl

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