Sunday, December 16, 2012

Scavenger (season 6)

Elliot was interrogating Humphrey Becker (a suspect) who wanted to talk to him alone with no help. George called Elliot on his cell; Elliot pretended that George was Kathy
Elliot: uh yeah, Baby, I'm kind of working right here. What's up?
George quickly advised Elliot that Humphrey craved for attention and recognization. He has been a loser all his life, be more encouraging.
Elliot: I'll try but I'm little pressed for time...Love you too. Bye-bye
Humphrey: Who was that?
Elliot: My wife
Humphrey wasn't buying Elliot's cover and demanded that his cell phone was to be turned off (Elliot put it on vibrate).
Sometime later, Olivia called Elliot to fill him in on new information about Humphrey. Once again, Elliot pretended that it was his wife
Elliot: 911 from the wife...Oh I don't know, you  know how I hate letting the kids get away with that kind of thing. Okay. Bye bye
Humphrey: Oh, no 'I love you' this time?...

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