Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Ripped (season 7)

Elliot and Fin arrested Luke Breslin for assault; Elliot recognized Luke as the son of his old partner, Pete Breslin. Pete came by to see Luke
Pete: How's Kathy and the kids?
Elliot: Fine. They are all staying with Kathy's Mom's
Pete: Sorry
Elliot: Occupational hazarrd, right?
Later, Pete wondered why Elliot couldn't do anything to have Luke released from police custody; he had heard about Kathleen's DUI arrest and Elliot's involvement. But Don already took Elliot off the case.

Elliot got into a physical fight with Pete after finding him beating up Luke after hearing his use of steroids in court. After Elliot was pulled away, he went to see Dr. Rebecca Hendrix. Elliot had no place to go.
Rebecca: You didn't go home?
Elliot: What's the point? No one's there...My wife left me last year. She took the kids with her.
Rebecca: Why did she leave?
Elliot (laughing): She was tired of me being angry all the time
Rebecca: Did you ever talk about it?
Elliot: Yeah, I went to a Priest for counseling. Next thing I know, she wanted out. I did everything I was supposed to do, you know, I work hard, I got a good job, I never cheated on my wife. I've lost my kids. I've lost my children! It wasn't supposed to happen this way.
Rebecca: But it did.
Rebecca: Were you burned out on your marriage?
Elliot: I told you she bailed, not me. If you want to cut me loose, you know, give me a clue
The conversation was starting to turn to the topic of Elliot's father, who was also a cop.
Rebecca: Did he want you to go into the family business?
Elliot: Kathy was pregnant. I needed the money.

Note: Christopher was nominated for an Emmy in 2006 for this episode.

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