Sunday, December 23, 2012

Obsessed TV with Samantha Ettus; 2009

Where is your acting career today?
Well, I'm still on 'Law & Order' which is great. Chris Meloni is my husband and we have 5 children. I gave birth last year after a car accident and Mariska delivered my baby on national television. Everybody's like "Oh my gosh, you wrote a book on all these details", and I'm like, "Yeah, but last year I was bloody and giving birth on national television!" Nobody's talking about that! And it's hard, acting is hard when you have little children because it's so, you know, can you do this in Montreal, well you really can't.

And what kind of schedule is that with 'Law & Order'?
It's every, it just depends. It sort of every once in a while because I'm sort of the 10th banana on that show. The real thing is the crime. So if all the crime is dealt with and they still want a little family part, then I get called in. So it's not like it's every week or something. Like Mariska works her heart out. I sort of roll in every couple of weeks.

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