Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Joe Stabler

Please note: the character of Joe Stabler was dead, there were no actor or photographs shown during Elliot's tenure on the show.
 Elliot's father and Bernadette's husband with 3 other sons and 2 daughters; Joe was a cop. Growing up, Elliot and Joe butted heads alot- Joe never approved of anything Elliot has ever done. They did do typical father-son things like watching TV, playing ball, and going fishing whenever Joe was at home. One time, he helped Elliot with his 5th grade homework by making a diorama about the civil war. But Elliot ended up getting a F on the project: Elliot moved one of the trees and when his father saw it, he took the diorama out of Elliot's hands throwing it on the ground and stomped it. Joe then took off his belt and beat Elliot because he started to cry. Joe called him weak, a failure- which he called Elliot a lot.
 Joe did protect Elliot- one time from Bernadette when she waved a gun at them and again when Elliot was working at his Uncle's bar and got into a fight with a couple of young rich kids who were trying to get alcohol without an ID; one of the kids' Dad was a lawyer who was friends with the D.A. who got Elliot arrested. Joe called in a favor to make the whole thing go away. Joe wasn't the best husband to Bernadette- he would only allow Bernie to spend money with a Macy's credit card. He knew Bernie was filled with fantasies and tried to have her committed where pills were shoved down her throat. Joe would also cheat on his wife with nurses and would suddenly have another shift whenever he wouldn't want to do something. Joe liked being a cop until it screwed him: he was forced to rat out his friends to the Knapp Commission. But Joe never testified as he didn't snitch. Joe didn't have a choice, so he got fired and lost his pension.
Joe used to have a stamp collection which he sold to buy Elliot and Kathy a bassinet for Maureen and helped pay the rent. Meanwhile, Elliot followed his father's footsteps as a cop as he wanted to be all his life (despite brief distractions of becoming an architect and an astronaut) when Kathy was pregnant and needed the money. Joe wasn't pleased when Bernie and Kathleen used his last cigar and fedora for their snowman but Bernie told him to stuff it.
Joe passed away- it's unknown when but Kathleen had memories while Dickie didn't, so it could've been around the time he (and Elizabeth) was born. Elliot was haunted by his father- especially when he beat up his old partner after catching him beat up his own son, calling him a failure. Elliot was pulled away and looked in the mirror, seeing a ghost of himself. He went to see Dr. Rebecca Hendrix about what was wrong with him. Bernadette thought Elliot was just like his father by preferring the conventional way of life. But Elliot was unlike his father- he was a good man who never cheated on his wife, showered his children with love, affection, and support.
It's unknown of the relationship between Joe and Kathy

Joe Mentions

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