Sunday, December 16, 2012

Inside the Stabler Home: Elliot & Kathy's Bedroom

For 12 seasons, Elliot and Kathy's bedroom went through many changes (and yet, they lived in the same house!). One may have thought that Kathy had some sort of interior design craze to change- including moving walls around.
 During season 1 (A Single Life and Hysteria), their bedroom was left alone and unchanged.
 Kathy has a different bed in season 8's Annihilated- could she have been at her mother's? Or back at the Stabler family home (after Elliot moved out to his own apartment- more on that on another date)? My best guess is the Stabler family home since Elliot moved back the following season
 Interestingly, Alternate (above) and Paternity (below) were in the same season (9) and in both episodes, Elliot and Kathy have an entirely different bedroom. Walls, the paint, the bed, just about everything.

 Once again, one year/season later, Elliot and Kathy's bedroom went through another change- this time the walls are painted blue. Although the bedside lamp is still the same from Paternity (but not in Alternate) as is the bed itself.
The final bedroom scene (Season 12's Delinquent), the scene was too dark to tell the difference as it took place very early in the morning. However, from being slightly lighten up thanks to some tricks, it looks like that they have the same bed since season 9's Paternity.
Speaking of Elliot's single apartment, I've noticed that Elliot's bed looks like from Paternity to Delinquent. From season 8's Confrontation

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