Sunday, December 23, 2012

Happens Every Day; March 2009

 During the 2008 Writer's Strike and after her miscarriage, Isabel decided to write a book about the failure of her first marriage, inspired by her writings on her Blackberry.
In December of 1999, Isabel married DeSales Harrison after 2 years of courtship and they knew each other as children. In 2004, DeSales, Isabel, and their two small sons moved to Oberlin, Ohio for DeSales' new job as a college professor. By the next semester, Isabel started to work as a professor herself in acting. Meanwhile, the Stabler marriage broke up and Isabel was flown in to do one episode- Blood- in season 6. In 2005, DeSales fell in love with another professor and left Isabel and their boys. Isabel moved back to New York, returning to her recurring role with the Stablers reuniting. Isabel rarely mentioned SVU in her book- only as a passing reference. She changed her ex-husband's and new wife's names.
Chapter 3 (The Harrisons moved to Ohio)
...I left a job on the television show, 'Law & Order: Special Victims Unit' playing the wife of the lead detective. A solid little job I had gotten when I was engaged to Josiah and we were both living in New York while he was writing his dissertation. Every once in a while, they would fly me back to do a scene of two, but when I left New York, I had really left acting and it had left me.

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