Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Entertainment Weekly; Aug. 2008

In last week's Ask Ausiello, Law & Order: SVU exec. producer Neal Baer teased that we would be "meeting someone in Stabler's life who we haven't met before" early in the season. Well, consider this mystery solved: That someone is none other than Ellen Burstyn! Sources confirm that the Oscar winner has been tapped to play Stabler's never-before-seen mom. What brings Mama Stabler to town after all these years? I suspect it might have something to do with a soon-to-be revealed bombshell concerning her granddaughter. But that's just me speculating. What do you think prompts the visit from mum? Any theories as to what Kathy's hiding? Thoughts about Burstyn going toe-to-toe with TV son Chris Meloni?

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