Monday, December 10, 2012

Alternate (season 9)

 Elliot was sleeping in when Kathleen came in with an orange vest wanting him to do something about her picking up trash on the side of the street. Kathleen thought it was too late for him to be sleeping. Meanwhile, Kathy was getting ready to do the laundry.
Kathy: Kathleen, let your dad sleep. He worked all night last night.
Elliot realizes that Kathy's gathering up clothes
Elliot: Honey, you should be lifting heavy things. Just leave it there, I'll do it.
Kathleen: She's not supposed to be pregnant (to Kathy) You're too old, I'm in college. People will think it's mine.
Kathleen proceeded to have Elliot change her community service to somewhere everybody could see her to inside to serve her sentence. Elliot can't go against Judge's orders and Kathy thinks Kathleen should be lucky instead of going to jail. Elliot got called in for work.
While at the crime scene at Janis Donovan's parents' murder, Elliot got a phone call
Elliot: Hey Kathy, now is not a good time...What?...Get out of here now!
Olivia: Elliot, what's up?
Elliot: Janis is at my house with a knife
Elliot and Olivia rushed over to the house with sirens. They quickly got out, running towards the house, getting an update from Officer Ramirez.
Elliot: Where's my wife?
Officer Ramirez: Still inside
Elliot: Why?
Officer Ramirez: She wouldn't come out
Elliot: Wouldn't or couldn't?
Officer Ramirez: "Dori" insisted on talking to both of you
Elliot and Olivia looked through the window to see Janis (as Dori) sitting across from Kathy, holding a knife.
 Inside, "Dori" was telling Kathy how she and Elliot met and fell in love. Elliot comes in, starting to ask questions for Janis. Kathy told Elliot that Janis was upset when she came home, wanting to kill herself.
Janis/Dori: This lady says she's your wife. Is that true?
Elliot: How did you find out where I live?
Janis/Dori: When that really skinny Detective left me alone in the office, I peeked into your file
Elliot: Kathy, you don't need to be here. You should be going
Janis/Dori: Well, I guess he made his choice
Kathy: Take care of yourself Dori (to Elliot) you too
Kathy leaves the house
Janis/Dori: She's kind of fat

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