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Uncivilized (season 1)

 Elliot met up with his family at the park for a lunch picnic
Elizabeth: Daddy, over here!
Elliot: Over where?
Elizabeth: Here!
Kathy: Hello. We waited for you as long as we could
Elliot: Yeah...where's Dickie?
Maureen: I'm sure he's playing ball
Elliot gave Kathy a kiss and took off his jacket to put on Maureen. Elliot realized that Dickie wasn't around and went looking for him.
 Dickie was playing ball nearby
Dickie: What's the matter, Daddy? Are you mad at me?
Elliot: No
Elliot hugged Dickie in relief
 Elliot was picking up Dickie from school, playing in the playground. Dickie wanted to know when Elliot was coming to talk to his class. Elliot noticed a man in the park- Dickie noticed and asked if he was looking for pedophiles. Elliot wondered where Dickie learned that; a friend told him and that Elliot would explain later when talking to his class
Elliot was talking to Dickie's class about being a cop. He explained to the children not to trust strangers and turn to someone who they do trust
Little boy: What if your Dad's the one that's hurting you? Then what?
Elliot: Then you tell Dickie and he'll tell me

Brian and Elliot were at a crime scene to find a piece of important evidence
Brian: Is it hard for you to go home at night to your kids after working on a case like this?
Elliot: Not any harder than trying to make love after hearing a rape victim describe her attack in great detail

The Joy Behar Show 2009

Isabel Gillies was a guest to talk about divorce and her return to SVU-
...I came back and pulled my socks up and said, 'OK, let's start again.' And actually I was getting divorced on Law & Order when I was in Ohio and then I came back and saved that marriage

And the end of the story is you got your job back on Law & Order, right?
I did. I got that job back. When I got to New York and living with my very wise father and mother, one day I was filling out applications for a school that was just enormously too expensive for me to send my children to but I was filling them out anyway.

Time Out New York Kids 2009

What was it like to save your TV marriage having just failed to salvage your own?
When I got back to New York, I desperately needed money and a job for my own self-esteem. The SVU producers called me and said, 'OK you're getting a divorce on the show.' I had lost like 20 pounds. TV loves that. I had had this experience and I had been teaching acting, so my chops were sharp. I did 1 scene and suddenly they wrote me into the show. So, I really did save my TV marriage!

Did any of your fellow cast members on SVU help you through the tough times?
No, they weren't involved in this at all. Mariska Hargitay is a very good friend of mine but that happened after all this. We started working together more after I was back in New York

Affection: Season 3

Execution- Elliot remembers his first time as painful for her (his wife); he thought he had done something wrong- he knocked her up.
Popular- Elliot does care about Kathy despite going ahead to pursued the case she heard from a friend of hers

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Obsessed TV with Samantha Ettus; 2009

Where is your acting career today?
Well, I'm still on 'Law & Order' which is great. Chris Meloni is my husband and we have 5 children. I gave birth last year after a car accident and Mariska delivered my baby on national television. Everybody's like "Oh my gosh, you wrote a book on all these details", and I'm like, "Yeah, but last year I was bloody and giving birth on national television!" Nobody's talking about that! And it's hard, acting is hard when you have little children because it's so, you know, can you do this in Montreal, well you really can't.

And what kind of schedule is that with 'Law & Order'?
It's every, it just depends. It sort of every once in a while because I'm sort of the 10th banana on that show. The real thing is the crime. So if all the crime is dealt with and they still want a little family part, then I get called in. So it's not like it's every week or something. Like Mariska works her heart out. I sort of roll in every couple of weeks.

Happens Every Day; March 2009

 During the 2008 Writer's Strike and after her miscarriage, Isabel decided to write a book about the failure of her first marriage, inspired by her writings on her Blackberry.
In December of 1999, Isabel married DeSales Harrison after 2 years of courtship and they knew each other as children. In 2004, DeSales, Isabel, and their two small sons moved to Oberlin, Ohio for DeSales' new job as a college professor. By the next semester, Isabel started to work as a professor herself in acting. Meanwhile, the Stabler marriage broke up and Isabel was flown in to do one episode- Blood- in season 6. In 2005, DeSales fell in love with another professor and left Isabel and their boys. Isabel moved back to New York, returning to her recurring role with the Stablers reuniting. Isabel rarely mentioned SVU in her book- only as a passing reference. She changed her ex-husband's and new wife's names.
Chapter 3 (The Harrisons moved to Ohio)
...I left a job on the television show, 'Law & Order: Special Victims Unit' playing the wife of the lead detective. A solid little job I had gotten when I was engaged to Josiah and we were both living in New York while he was writing his dissertation. Every once in a while, they would fly me back to do a scene of two, but when I left New York, I had really left acting and it had left me.

Perverted (season 11)

Elliot was keeping an eye on a motercycle gang and gave Kathy a call
Elliot: Kath, I gotta work late...That's tonight? No, no, no, no, no, no. I went to Elizabeth's last school play. It was "Diary of Anne Frank". I was there opening night...Babe, Babe, Babe- I gotta go
A motorcycle gang member came by, pouring beer on Elliot's car. Turned out he's an undercover cop and told Elliot to see his partner nearby for any information he may need
Elliot: All right, you know something? I gotta go to see my kid's play...

Elliot pays for Olivia's bail; she was being framed for murder
Olivia: Does Kathy konw you mortaged your house for me?
Elliot: Well, it's not at risk. You're innocent

Stolen (season 3)

Elliot was talking to a father of a kidnapped baby
Elliot: Mr. Daricek, I have 4 children of my own, so I can't imagine what you're going through

Elliot then questioned the mother of the kidnapped baby, knowing that she was having a difficult time with motherhood
Elliot: You know, when my first daughter was born, I was working midnight to 8 AM shifts. My wife worked days. So when I got home, all I wanted to do was sleep and all my baby wanted to do was cry. I nearly lost my mind. I could barely function

Taboo (season 7)

Elliot had a hard time showing compassion for a young college woman who threw her newborn baby in the trash. Don pulled him out of the interrogation room
Don: Kathy still has custody
Elliot: It's my week and the day's half gone I'm still here.
Olivia: Look Captain, the DNA's gonna close the case on this one
Don: Go on. Be with your kids
Elliot leaves

Hooked (season 6)

Melinda, Elliot, and Olivia were looking over a list of HIV patients- Elliot got startled
Elliot: I know one of these boys
Elliot went to see Kathleen at her school to talk
Elliot: Kathleen
Kathleen (to her friends): Talk to you later (to Elliot) Dad, what are you doing here?
Elliot: I need to talk to you
Kathleen: You and Mom are getting a divorce?
Elliot: No, no, no. I wouldn't tell you this way anyway.
Elliot questioned Kathleen about her ex-boyfriend, Jed Baldwin, wanting to know if they had sex. Kathleen thought that it was private by he really wanted to know. Jed and Kathleen never slept together and he broke up with her because of that.
Kathleen: You okay Dad?
Elliot: Yeah I'm fine. I'm fine. I love you. I'll pick you up Saturday
Elliot hugged and kissed Kathleen, leaving

Fight (season 9)

Chester and Elliot were working late. Elliot was concerned for Chester, wondering if he has any family to rely on.
Elliot: You gotta watch yourself. If you get too obsessed with these cases, you'll lose more than sleep
Chester: Like what?
Elliot: Family
Chester: What, are you trying to bust my chops again?
Elliot: I'm dead serious. This job nearly cost me mine
Chester: Well, I don't have to worry about that

Wildlife (season 10)

Elliot and Fin went to an after-party club for an investigation of a murder in early morning.
Elliot: 7:00 AM- Don't these ladies ever sleep?
Fin: Probably more than you. Probably get more too.

Elliot was filling in Don on the case when Olivia interrupted
Olivia: El, it's Kathy. She's been calling your line, now she's calling mine. Wants to know when you'll be back
Elliot: Tell her I'm in the field
 While Elliot went undercover to meet with Andre Busido and Victor Tybor, Kathy (holding Eli) was calling Elliot, leaving a voice message to call her. She saw a car drive up and went to the went to the window
 Kathy: Look, Eli. Daddy's finally home
Kathy and Eli went to the door, finding Olivia instead
Kathy: Where's Elliot?
Olivia: He's not with me, Kathy
Kathy: Oh God. Did something happened?
 Olivia filled Kathy in about Elliot. Kathy was not happy
Olivia: He's okay, he's undercover. And he knows that you're worried
Kathy: You liked to me on the phone
Olivia: I'm sorry, it's just it all went down so fast
Kathy: Too fast to call his family?
Kathy storms off
 Kathy was packing up a small bag while fighting back tears while Eli was being fussy in his playpen. Olivia was trying to comfort Kathy
Olivia: Don't you think you should sleep on it for a few days before you make such a huge decision?
Kathy: I did. But I can't take this anymore
Kathy picked up Eli and headed for the door
Olivia: Where are you going?
Kathy: I don't know. Does it matter? He won't call
Olivia: He would if he could. Kathy, I will make sure that he does
Kathy reluntantly put down her bag.
Olivia went to see Elliot at his undercover home, worried. Elliot had to give up his undercover phone and wallet- he had no choice. So, Olivia gave Elliot her cell phone so he can check in with Don
Elliot: Tell Kathy too
Olivia: I just saw her
Elliot: She mad?
Olivia: She's worse than mad, and I can't say that I blame her
Elliot: Well, Liv, what the hell am I supposed to do? Tell the bad guys I gotta get home for diaper duty?
Olivia: You go undercover again and don't tell Kathy, you'll be safer here than home. Call her.
Elliot and Olivia were interrupted by Victor and Andre. Olivia pretended to be a hooker; Andre took Elliot out and unexpectantly shot him twice.

Elliot went back to work to finish off the case, chasing down Andre while Olivia arrested Victor- who turned out to be an undercover cop himself. Elliot offered to call Victor's family
Victor: Family's gone. Lost them long time ago. This life proved too much for them.
Elliot shut the door and looked on as Victor was driven away
 Eli was crying; Kathy got up, turned on the light, and attempted to get out of bed. But Elliot grabbed her arm
Elliot: I got it. I'll get him, Baby
Despite being shot twice, Elliot got out of bed and went to Eli's crib in their bedroom, picking up to console him.
Elliot: What's the matter? What's the matter? Come on. Aw. Sh...
Elliot started to make soothing sounds while Kathy looked on, turning off the lamp.

Note: According to the episode writer, Mick Betancourt, Dickie and Elizabeth were spending a night at their grandmother's (it wasn't in the episode, I asked him via Facebook when he had a profile at the time)

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Watch with Kirsten; Spring 2009

E! Online
Is there any chance we will ever see any Stabler-Benson action on SVU?
Is it just us or does it seem like that sorta-relationship has been teased for the past 10 seasons? Unfortunately for you EO fans there aren't any plans for a future relationship. Showrunner Neal Baer tells us that Stabler's rocky marriage is finally on an upswing and that some of the Stabler clan is heading back to SVU. "We might be seeing a family member again before the end of the year". As far as Olivia and Elliot go, Neal is really playing up the success of their partnership. "I don't think any show has gone on as long as SVU with the same partners. Mariska and Chris have been on the show together for 10 years".

Colonel Richard Finley

 Colonel Richard 'Dick' Finley was in the Marine Corps as a test pilot and an astronaut. Dick went to the same high school as Elliot and his picture was displayed in the trophy case when he flew the X-15. During Elliot's senior year, Dick was coming to give a speech to the school; the class President was to pick up Dick at the airport but Elliot paid him to take a sick day so he could do the honor! Elliot butted heads with his father, so Dick took Elliot under his wing. Dick got Elliot into the Marines, applied for OCS, and pulled strings to get him into flight training. But then, Elliot saw what he already had to turn down his 'dream' of being a fighter pilot: Kathy with Maureen on the way.
While Elliot became a cop, Dick moved on- he got divorced 4 times and was a womanizer. Elliot named his first born son, Richard, after Dick, his hero. Many years went by until Elliot and Olivia were investigating Dick's colleague astronaut Marga Janssen, who was murdered. Dick tried to help but it ended up as a cover-up on his part. He tried to derail Elliot, Olivia, and everyone at Special Victims off his trail until Elliot realized the truth. He used a miniture toy rocket that Dick gave to Dickie that had his fingerprints to match the fingerprint found on one of the evidence objects. Elliot confronted Dick about his involvement- it ended up in a physical fight when Elliot arrested Dick. Dick's reason to murder Marga was of jealousy; she took away his dream to have his first ride to the moon. Dick lost his first chance as the youngest and lost again as the oldest. Elliot was disgusted that Dick used the same hand that killed Marga to shake his son's hand.

Dick's Episode

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Elizabeth's Mentions

Chat Room- Elizabeth
Wrong is Right- Elizabeth (by Maureen)
Appearances- my 10 year old daughter
Families- Elizabeth
Charisma- my daughter
Underbelly- my youngest
Confession- her and Elizabeth (by Munch); she (by Cragen); her
Perverted- Elizabeth, my kid
Shadow- my daughter

Bonus Family: The Cragens

Don Cragen was married to Marge, a flight attendant. Don was investigated by the IAB for possible corruption during the time he and Marge were building a new swimming pool for their home. Marge paid for it. They had no* children- other than a miscarriage. Don and Marge considered to adopt but unforunately, they never really had any time.
Before joining SVU as a Captain, Don lost Marge. She was in Florida when her plane crashed. Don was cleaning their neglected swimming pool when he got the news. Don took Marge's death hard while being in AA recovery alcoholic. He rarely went home, keeping a bed cot in his office.
In 2011, Don went undercover for a mail-order bride and, in secret for a year, hired a few escorts for company (no sex involved). The following year, Don woke up to find a dead woman with her throat cut. He was suspended while being investigated for murder. His SVU Detectives proved that Don was innocent and framed.
By 2013, Don started to see Eileen Switzer and brought her over to Olivia and Brian's dinner party. She bought over the wine for the party. Don announced that Olivia passed her Sergeant's exam, proud of her. Don took Eileen to another dinner party hosted by Olivia who was allowed to stay on with SVU rather than transferring to another unit to be a Sergeant. He put Olivia in charge in the unit so that he could retire so that Don and Eileen could go on their 6-month cruise around the world. 
Marge's Episode (from Law & Order)
The Blue Wall

*In Law & Order, Don once mentioned that he had a teenage daughter.
Eileen's Episodes
Rapist Anonymous
Amaro's One Eighty

Inside the Stabler Home: Elliot & Kathy's Bedroom

For 12 seasons, Elliot and Kathy's bedroom went through many changes (and yet, they lived in the same house!). One may have thought that Kathy had some sort of interior design craze to change- including moving walls around.
 During season 1 (A Single Life and Hysteria), their bedroom was left alone and unchanged.
 Kathy has a different bed in season 8's Annihilated- could she have been at her mother's? Or back at the Stabler family home (after Elliot moved out to his own apartment- more on that on another date)? My best guess is the Stabler family home since Elliot moved back the following season
 Interestingly, Alternate (above) and Paternity (below) were in the same season (9) and in both episodes, Elliot and Kathy have an entirely different bedroom. Walls, the paint, the bed, just about everything.

 Once again, one year/season later, Elliot and Kathy's bedroom went through another change- this time the walls are painted blue. Although the bedside lamp is still the same from Paternity (but not in Alternate) as is the bed itself.
The final bedroom scene (Season 12's Delinquent), the scene was too dark to tell the difference as it took place very early in the morning. However, from being slightly lighten up thanks to some tricks, it looks like that they have the same bed since season 9's Paternity.
Speaking of Elliot's single apartment, I've noticed that Elliot's bed looks like from Paternity to Delinquent. From season 8's Confrontation

Clock (season 8)

 Elliot was surprised to find Kathleen looking for him to talk. A few days ago, she told Elliot that she never wanted to speak to him again. Elliot really screwed up Kathleen's relationship with her boyfriend, Kevin, which was fine by him. Elliot doesn't want Kathleen to see him again. It's not Elliot's decision- she loves him- but Kathleen's 17. She's too young to be serious with anyone.
Kathleen: Mom says you're overreacting
Elliot: Well, I'll talk to your mother about that later. Now, you're gonna be late for school. Wait here, I'm gonna drive you
Instead, Kathleen stormed off to the elevator while Fin approaches
Elliot: Hey, Kathleen
Kathleen: I hate you!
Fin: Everything okay?
Elliot: Man, you're lucky you don't have daughters
 Elliot and Fin returned to the squad after making an arrest. Don was waiting for Elliot
Don: ...Your wife is here
Elliot turned around and saw Kathy sitting at his desk, looking at a picture while waiting.
Elliot and Kathy went into one of the interrogation rooms to talk privately. Kathy wanted to know why Kathleen locked herself in her room and refused to come out. Both Elliot and Kathy disapproved of Kathleen's boyfriend and agreed to handle this together until Elliot went half-cocked over it rather than talking to Kathy. But Kathleen wasn't the only thing on Kathy's mind.
Elliot: Okay, what is this? If you got something to say, just say it
Kathy: Why haven't you signed the divorce papers? It's been months, Elliot. You won't talk to me, you won't talk to my lawyer. The kids are asking if we're getting back together. I've run out of things to say.
Elliot: What do you want?
Kathy: An answer
Elliot: I don't know
Kathy: Well, I guess that's an answer. Call your daughter
Kathy leaves

Elliot went to Janey Speer's trial where he was testifying. Her attorney, Colette Walsh, used Elliot's problems with Kathleen as an example to his bias opinions regarding 17 year old Janey (who looks like a young child).
Judge Bernard: Do you have a daughter, Detective?
Elliot: I have 3 daughters and 1 son and they have nothing to do with this
Colette: Despite the fact that you're separated from your wife and hardly see your kids?
Elliot: Don't you talk about my family
Colette contined on about hos Elliot pulled Kathleen's boyfriend out of the car and threatened with violence if he didn't leave her alone. Elliot continued to deny relating to the case since he was chasing after a pedophile

Note: This episode marks the first of the six episodes of Connie Nielsen as Detective Dani Beck, Elliot's temporary partner. This episode also marks the return of Kathy as a recurring character, sparking the move of reconcilation of Elliot and Kathy. (Although technically, Scheherezade was the first appearance-return of Isabel/Kathy, filmed in the Spring of 2006, along with Informed to help fill in during Mariska Hargitay's maternity leave to fill up the new season. Scheherezade was suppose to be aired in the fall but was pushed back until early 2007)

Scavenger (season 6)

Elliot was interrogating Humphrey Becker (a suspect) who wanted to talk to him alone with no help. George called Elliot on his cell; Elliot pretended that George was Kathy
Elliot: uh yeah, Baby, I'm kind of working right here. What's up?
George quickly advised Elliot that Humphrey craved for attention and recognization. He has been a loser all his life, be more encouraging.
Elliot: I'll try but I'm little pressed for time...Love you too. Bye-bye
Humphrey: Who was that?
Elliot: My wife
Humphrey wasn't buying Elliot's cover and demanded that his cell phone was to be turned off (Elliot put it on vibrate).
Sometime later, Olivia called Elliot to fill him in on new information about Humphrey. Once again, Elliot pretended that it was his wife
Elliot: 911 from the wife...Oh I don't know, you  know how I hate letting the kids get away with that kind of thing. Okay. Bye bye
Humphrey: Oh, no 'I love you' this time?...

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The Two Kathleens

 Holiday Segal, only appeared in season 1
Allison Siko, started in season 3 until season 12

Pixies (season 2)

Elliot was reading the newspapers while Maureen was doing homework. Fustrated, Maureen attempted to leave but Elliot stopped her, wanting to know what was wrong. A college recruiter from Columbia University came by her school. It interested Maureen. But her grades aren't all that great so Maureen tries to work harder.
Maureen: I got a B+ on my English midterm
Elliot: That's great
Maureen: I'm never going to get in with grades like that
Elliot: Maureen, you're 15. Relax.

Shadow (season 11)

Elliot was handcuffing socialite Anne Gillette for fraud; she was also a suspect in her parents' murders.
Anne Gillette: If you really believe that I could do something like that to someone I love, what do you think I could do to someone you love?
Elliot went to see Don so that Olivia and Ash Ramsey could transfer Anne to jail while he takes a little lost time as he was clearly rattled up no matter how hard Elliot tried to downplay it.
Elliot: Anne threatened my family
Don: Well, I wouldn't call that nothing
Elliot: Yeah, well, I don't think she has the reach to get anything done from the inside but just to be safe, I'm gonna take Kathy and the kids over to her sister's in Jersey. I'm probably overreacting but...
Don: I don't think so. Haung thinks she is extremely lethal. You take care of your family. We'll handle the prisoner.

Olivia was getting ready to transport Ann to prison with Ash, despite that Ann put out a hit order on them. Elliot was concerned for Olivia's safety.
Elliot: Maybe you should. I sent my family away
Olivia: They're civilians. I got a job to do.

Slaves (season 1)

Elliot was talking to Dr. Audrey Jackson about his job and family
Dr. Jackson: How do you deal with it?
Elliot: I go home, hug my kids, kiss my wife
Dr. Jackson: Can you discuss the case at home?
Elliot: No, no, no, no. I don't let that world touch my family
Dr. Jackson: Yeah but that world is everywhere. You can't put them on 24 hour surveilience
Elliot: True but that doesn't mean I have to be their window into it

Alternate (season 9)

 Elliot was sleeping in when Kathleen came in with an orange vest wanting him to do something about her picking up trash on the side of the street. Kathleen thought it was too late for him to be sleeping. Meanwhile, Kathy was getting ready to do the laundry.
Kathy: Kathleen, let your dad sleep. He worked all night last night.
Elliot realizes that Kathy's gathering up clothes
Elliot: Honey, you should be lifting heavy things. Just leave it there, I'll do it.
Kathleen: She's not supposed to be pregnant (to Kathy) You're too old, I'm in college. People will think it's mine.
Kathleen proceeded to have Elliot change her community service to somewhere everybody could see her to inside to serve her sentence. Elliot can't go against Judge's orders and Kathy thinks Kathleen should be lucky instead of going to jail. Elliot got called in for work.
While at the crime scene at Janis Donovan's parents' murder, Elliot got a phone call
Elliot: Hey Kathy, now is not a good time...What?...Get out of here now!
Olivia: Elliot, what's up?
Elliot: Janis is at my house with a knife
Elliot and Olivia rushed over to the house with sirens. They quickly got out, running towards the house, getting an update from Officer Ramirez.
Elliot: Where's my wife?
Officer Ramirez: Still inside
Elliot: Why?
Officer Ramirez: She wouldn't come out
Elliot: Wouldn't or couldn't?
Officer Ramirez: "Dori" insisted on talking to both of you
Elliot and Olivia looked through the window to see Janis (as Dori) sitting across from Kathy, holding a knife.
 Inside, "Dori" was telling Kathy how she and Elliot met and fell in love. Elliot comes in, starting to ask questions for Janis. Kathy told Elliot that Janis was upset when she came home, wanting to kill herself.
Janis/Dori: This lady says she's your wife. Is that true?
Elliot: How did you find out where I live?
Janis/Dori: When that really skinny Detective left me alone in the office, I peeked into your file
Elliot: Kathy, you don't need to be here. You should be going
Janis/Dori: Well, I guess he made his choice
Kathy: Take care of yourself Dori (to Elliot) you too
Kathy leaves the house
Janis/Dori: She's kind of fat

Bernadette Stabler

 Bernadette McGinley Stabler, a widow of Joe and mother of four sons and two daughters. Bernie always felt different- she was eccentric and never saw a Doctor. Her mother called her 'fibbertigibbet". She has been accused of being implusive, irresponsible, flightly, among other things. Bernie had Bipolar disorder by was undiagnosed. Joe tried to commit Bernie after they had a fight and his gun (that she was holding) went off. The hospital tied her down and forced pills down her throat- Bernie felt like an empty shell like her soul was scooped out by someone. She would rather be dead. One time Bernie hitchhiked to Santa Fe to meet Georgia O'Keefe because she was a genius and then cops picked her up on the side of BQE while she was wearing a slip as a cocktail dress. Whenever Joe would "crush" her fantasies, Bernie would go to bed for 3 days.
 During the 27 years of Joe being a cop during their marriage, he would suddenly pull a double shift whenever he didn't want to so something and chase after nurses. As a mother, Bernie did the best she could but Elliot wanted a convential mother; she believed that Elliot has never really needed her but he did. Bernadette was a Catholic, she had 10 Madonna and child necklaces. But after Joe died, she didn't want to spend the rest of her life on her knees with her rosary praying for her immortal soul as he sure as hell needed it. That life wasn't for her, Bernie felt she was suffocating so she told the house in Queens and moved to Long Beach Island, New Jersey where she could breathe.
 The relationship between Bernadette and Elliot became estranged; whenever she would visit the city, she would see Kathy and the kids but Elliot would never be home. Elliot would be out working while Bernie believed that he was avoiding her. As of 2008, they hadn't seen each other in 3 years. In the 10 out of 12 years that Olivia and Elliot have been partners, he has never talked about his mother to her. Olivia always thought that Bernadette was dead. Elliot made sure that the subject about his mother never came up as he played it pretty close to the vest as he got it from his father. The year prior, Kathy had called Bernie to let her know that Eli was born.
 It wasn't until Kathleen got into trouble with the law and was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder that Kathy called Olivia to inform her about Kathleen in jail (thanks to Elliot) and mentioned Bernie. Elliot tried to ask his mother for help to tell the Judge that she's sick like Kathleen but Bernie refused to admit she's sick. So Olivia met up with Bernie for the first time and took her to see Kathleen in prison. Kathleen agreed to get help and take medication. Bernadette was a painter, selling her paintings on the Broadwalk. She was also close to Kathy, who told her about Olivia (who scared the pants out of her).
Ellen Burstyn only signed on to appear in one episode; she has said that she would have liked to come back again. However in 2011, Chris announced he was leaving the show.

Bernie's Episode

Bernie's Mention