Thursday, November 1, 2012

TV Guide: Christopher Meloni May 2007

Tonight, Nip/Tuck's Dylan Walsh plays a married father, possibly a CIA agent and a suspect in a young woman's murder. Why is Stabler so emotionally involved in this case?
You see a guy who's outwardly a family man like Elliot, who has everything going for him but this guy's living a double life. Elliot is estranged from his wife and this case goes to the heart of how easily everything can be taken away from you

Which leads to something rarely-seen on L&O- a hot love scene in which you're pretty much exposed...
I will say that when I read the script, I had a very broad smile on my face. It hasn't been seen in this venus, so I was up for it.

His estranged wife is his romantic partner. Does that lead to a reconcilation? We hear there's a major development
I can't divulge that. What's great about that scene is that it was painful, amid not only the wreckage of our marriage but what I am dealing with. It spoke volume far beyond my bare ass

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