Friday, November 2, 2012

Sophmore Jinx (season 1)

 Elliot was looking for his keys when Maureen snuck back in. Elliot caught her- asking where she's been, what she was doing. He had her breathe on him for alcohol and continue to ask who she was with. Elliot didn't like Maureen's answers so he grounded her until further notice: when she turns 18 or he gets the answers. Life's not fair.
 Elliot and Kathy were preparing dinner with Kathleen, Dickie, and Elizabeth helping.
Dickie: I could eat the whole steak now
Kathy (to Kathleen): Good job Honey (to Dickie) You can eat a whole steak?
Dickie: I could eat a whole cow by now
Kathy laughed while Maureen came downstairs and was surprised to see Elliot home. Elliot wanted to know why she was out of her room; Maureen was up there for days. Elliot still wanted answers from her whereabouts while out of the house. Maureen couldn't believe that he's doing this and went back upstairs.
Kathy: Think you're handling this right?
Elliot: Yeah, I do
Kathy: Well I don't
Elliot: Okay, what do you got?
Kathy: Suppose my parents had dealt with me like that?
Elliot: We wouldn't have had Maureen
Elliot silently dropped Maureen off at school but stopped her. Maureen thought that he would be apologizing...
Elliot: I'm not apologizing. But I'm not going to stand here and have a cold war with someone that I love
Maureen claimed that she didn't do anything wrong. Elliot believed her. They were both afraid, especially for Elliot who doesn't want to be picking up her body parts as it terrified him. Elliot and Maureen hugged and both apologized
Elliot: Hey...I love you
Maureen: I love you too

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