Thursday, November 22, 2012

Roma Fiction Festival 2008

When I was first offered the role of Elliot Stabler on SVU, he was a hero and my biggest problem was I didn't know how to play just a hero. I needed an aspect of what are the flaws of this person? So I ask- he was originally written to have 3 children- I asked that he have 4 children. The first one being illegitemate so he was forced to get married and the last 2 being a mistake and they were twins. I asked for a tattoo- MC tattoo- on his forearm because I thought that symbolizes some sort of a sense he had a wild life before he became this very uptooled straightlaced family man good guy. But I wanted to give this guy a lot of pressure in his life. And I think it comes out in his character.

Recently my character broke up with his wife. I felt that was a natural kind of evolution for what was happening and how he was dealing wiht the pressure of the job. In America, we call it 'booty call', he went back to his wife and had an one night affair with her during the separation, part of things. And she gets pregnant again. So now, he just had his fifth child. And again that was a collabrative dance of trying to figure out where to bring this guy again to a place of confusion and yet love and yet also a place where he, in his soul of souls, he feels most comfortable which is family and that sort of thing...

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