Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Quarry (season 6)

Elliot, Olivia, Don, and Melinda were in the morgue talking about the bones of a young boy when Elliot got a call from his cell
Elliot: Captain, that was Kathy. She's at the hospital with Dickie. They think it's appendicitis
Don: Go

Elliot came back when the case was solved and Olivia was about to go home
Olivia: How's Dickie?
Elliot: A handfull. He's demanding cookie dough ice cream and 'Jackass' 24/7. Reminds me so much of me, it's scary
Olivia: Didn't know you were a 'Jackass' fan
Elliot: I meant getting what I want. According to Kathy, it's not one of my endearing qualities
Olivia: Before you had kids, you ever worry what they'd be like?
Elliot: All the time. I still do.
Olivia: At least you and Kathy know what you're passing on...

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