Thursday, November 1, 2012

Pure (season 6)

Sebastian Ballentine, a claimed psychic, got on Elliot's nerves while trying to be involved in the missing girl's case
Sebastian: You should call your wife and kids, they're worried

Elliot was later questioning Sebastian while Don, George, and Olivia were watching. Elliot wants to know what he's thinking to put Sebastian on the test
Sebastian: I'm sensing trouble with a family member. A woman. Is it your wife?
Elliot: I don't discuss my family at work
Sebastian: I see the number 3. Pregnancies? Oh yes, it's family again. Sorry

Olivia: How the hell is he doing this?
Don: Elliot has 4 kids
Olivia: 3 pregnancies, one was twins.

Sebastian turned out to be a fake and had information on Elliot and Olivia on his computer; he also was the one who was guilty.

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