Monday, November 19, 2012

Or Just Look Like One (Season 1)

 The family were eating breakfast and chatting away. Elliot noticed that Maureen was eating little bites of plain yogurt. He wanted her to eat more, putting sausage on her plate despite her protesting. Kathy called Elliot to talk to him privately about Maureen's anorexic-in-training routine that she's had for weeks; Elliot didn't know about it.
Kathy: Well, it'd be great if you'd come home earlier
Elliot: I do the best I can
Kathy: I know the case load, Honey, but I can't do it all alone...She listens to you.
Elliot: All right, I'll come home. I promise
Kathy: Thanks...Hey
Elliot: What?
Kathy: Your breakfast is getting cold
Elliot leaned in and kissed Kathy on the lips (twice) before going back to the table, trying to talk to Maureen but she said no.

Elliot later asked Dr. Elizabeth Olivet about the different eating disorders. She figured that Elliot was thinking about his daughter.
 Elliot came home to find Kathy waiting for Maureen to start eating her dinner.
Elliot (to Maureen): You look healthy enough to me (to Kathy) Have you eaten?
Kathy: No, I was waiting till you got home
Elliot: Manicotti night down at Scarentino's. Bottle of Chianti, our name on it. Let's get out of here.
Maureen: You can't make me eat Italian either
Elliot: That's all right, you're not invited. See ya!
Maureen: Mom!
But Kathy happily left with Elliot, hand in hand.

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