Thursday, November 1, 2012

Lunacy (season 10)

 Elliot runs into an old friend and mentor, Dick Finley, an astronaut, who got Elliot in the Marines. Dick helped the detectives to solve a fellow astronaut Margo Janssen's murder. Dick, Elliot, and Olivia were having dinner at the squad. Fin came up to talk to Olivia about a new lead. While Olivia and Fin talked, Dick checked Olivia out
Dick: So...?
Elliot: Dick, I'm married
Dick: Never stopped me
Elliot: You got 4 divorces to prove it
 The next day, Dickie came by and Olivia at first didn't recognize him as he has gotten tall. Dickie now goes by Dick. Olivia wants to know what brought him here.
Elliot (to Olivia): I wanted him to drop by so he could meet the man that he's named after (to Dick) Colonel! Colonel! You got a minute?
Dick: Oh, let me guess, kid's as handsome as this gotta be named Dick
Elliot: Dick Stabler, meet Colonel Dick Finley
Dickie: It's an honor, Sir
Dick: It's all mine. Your dad told me alot about you
Dickie asked about going to the moon; Dick presented him a toy rocket, a replica that will take him there.
 Meanwhile, Anton Thibodeaux murdered Vince Beckwith for allegedly killing his 'friend'. Elliot quickly rushed Dickie to safety at his desk while Dick tackled Anton. A gun went off, killing Anton. Olivia didn't know where to start on her report while Elliot's can wait
Elliot: I'm gonna do mine tomorrow. I gotta get my boy home
Don: Go
Olivia walked Elliot and Dickie out
 At home, Elliot apologized to Dickie for having him see all that but he was unfazed; he thought it was cool about to meet the Colonel
Dickie: He's like your hero, isn't he?
Elliot: mmm, till you came along
Elliot explained that he and his father butted heads a lot and Dick took him under his wing. Dickie then wondered why Elliot didn't follow his dream to follow Dick's footsteps- Elliot actually did try, but...
Dickie: Chickened out?
Elliot: No, it's more like I saw what I already had. You know, your Mom...Maureen on the way
Dickie: I thought you guys got married after you got out of the Marines...Dude, you knocked up Mom?
Elliot got quiet and quickly led Dickie into the house.
Elliot: My point is that it wasn't about me being a fighter pilot anymore. I mean, I had a wife and new baby on the way I wasn't even 20 years old. So it was either follow my dream or take responsibility. You know, yeah I wanted to be like Dick but not as much as I wanted to do right by our family
Dickie didn't really want to pick his own family over going up to the moon.
Elliot realized that Dick was the one who killed Marga in jealousy that she was going to the moon instead of Dick. Dick and Elliot got into a fight when Elliot confronted him
Elliot: You murdered that woman. You dumped her body in the river. You have the nerve to shake my boy's hand!
Elliot hit Dick hard before arresting him

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