Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Kathy's Pregnancy

In the 5th season, Olivia asked Elliot about Kathy's pregnancy-related to Fetal Alcohol Syndrome- if she got pregnant again, would Elliot let her drink alcohol? Elliot jokingly remarked that if Kathy got pregnant again, he would shoot himself. He then continued on that now knowing about Fetal Alchol Syndrome, he trusted Kathy to make her own decisions as she's given him four healthy children after having a glass of wine every now or then. At the time, Elliot truly believed that he was done with having kids. But 3 years/seasons later, Kathy was pregnant again.
 Although Elliot wanted to come home, he and Kathy were still separated and living apart. One night, Elliot and Olivia discovered the bodies of 3 young children and a wife while the husband was shot but still alive. Elliot was rattled by the discovery and left Olivia to brief Don. He had called Kathy to let him see the children. Elliot checked in on Elizabeth, Kathleen, and Dickie before going into Kathy's room to thank her for letting him come by. It helped him to see their kids but Kathy could see that Elliot was still rattled, so she invited him to stay. Elliot closed the bedroom door and got undressed, joining Kathy in bed to make love on the night of March 23rd (according to the DUN-DUN with place, date).
 On May 16th (according to the DUN-DUN banner dates), Kathy went to see Elliot at work, needing to talk to him. In the crib, Elliot could see something was up with Kathy. It wasn't about her pride or her ego- she wanted him to come home. Not for the children- for her. Elliot wanted to know what's changed: Kathy's pregnant. Elliot was shocked, stunned.
The next day, Elliot was still in shock. Olivia realized it and asked what was wrong? Elliot told her that Kathy was pregnant and went down on himself for being pathetic, fumbling around like a kid. Olivia asked what he was going to do but Elliot didn't know what she meant by that. They were interrupted before Olivia could explain. Elliot moved back home (offscreen)
 Halfway into Kathy's pregnant, Janis Donovan (who claimed to have DID) held her at knife-point hostage, wanting to see Elliot. He and Olivia rushed over to the house. Elliot managed to get Kathy out of the house safely.
Other than that, Kathy had her cravings of peanut better and tacos while being over 40. At one point, Elliot was concerned over the baby's health with all the risks that could happen but felt it was better not to know from the Doctor as they're Catholics.
 About a month before the baby's arrival, Elliot was seriously injured by getting head-butted and banged his head on his car while making an arrest- making him temporary blind. Although it was scary enough that the child was coming in a month, but it was the thought of never being able to see the child terrified Elliot.
 Near the end of the pregnancy, Kathy still thought she was having another girl while Elliot secretly wanted a boy; but more importantly he wanted it to be healthy.
 Elliot was involved in a case where a paternity dispute happened when it came to his mind, questioning if he was really the father of Kathy's baby as they were separated at the time of conception. Elliot questioned Kathy if she dated and slept with anybody; she was not happy with the questioning and figured if he was really asking her if he was really the father. Before Elliot could answer, he took a (second) call from Olivia.
 Later, Kathy was sleeping while Elliot was laying down next to her, staring at her belly.
 The following day, on November 17th, Elliot was supposed to take Kathy to her OB/GYN appointment as her car was in the shop. But after the discovery of a dead woman from their case, Elliot went to North Forks to make an arrest while Olivia volunteered to take Kathy to her appointment. But they never got there- a drunk driver crashed into Olivia's car on Kathy's passenger side, knocking them unconsious.
 Olivia came to and immediately called for help. She helped the paramedics tending to Kathy, who was in labor and going in and out of concious. The firefighters managed to free Kathy's legs from the dashboard while her contractions got stronger. Kathy was then loaded into the ambulance where the baby was coming- she couldn't hold on for 10 more minutes. Kathy gave birth to a baby boy while on the way to Mercy Hospital, with Olivia helping. Kathy was happy and relieved that ehr baby was crying while holding him before she was unconcious and needed more fluids (her heart also stopped)

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