Thursday, November 22, 2012

Family & Children Mentions

Payback- 4 children; her sisters (by Kathy)
Stalked- the kids (by Richard White)
Disrobed- they
Slaves- my kids; my family
Secrets- your kids (by Olivia)
Victims- my own children
Pique- too many
Scourge- my own family
Wrath- your kids (by Olivia)
Stolen- 4 children of my own
Monogamy- 4 of them
Execution- little bastards (by Matthew Brotus)
Silence- my kids
Disappearing Acts- family of six (by FBI Agent)
Waste- 4 of them
Damaged- my kids
Risk- kids
Pandora- my kids; 4
Dominance- kids
Futility- kids
Grief- 3 daughters
Tragedy- 4 kids of my own; 3 (girls) and 1 boys
Manic-your kids (by Olivia)
Mother- 4 kids
Choice- 4 healthy kids
Abomination- kids (by Casey); your kids (by Olivia)
Shaken- I have 4; my children
Criminal- my children
Scavenger- the kids
Doubt- the kids (by Lorna Scarry and Elliot)
Rage- your kids (by Gordon Rickett)
Quarry- kids (by Olivia)
Pure- kids (by Sebastian Ballentine); my family; 4 kids (by Don)
Ripped- the kids; my kids; my children
Taboo- your kids (by Don)
Fault- your kids (by Olivia)
Fat- my family; my kids
Clock- the kids (by Kathy); 3 daughters and 1 son; your kids (by Colette Walsh); my family
Recall- my kids
Burned- the kids (by Kathy)
Dependent- my family
Screwed- the kids
Avatar- teenage daughters
Fight- mine (family)
Inconceivable- kids
Swing- everyone (by Bernie); the kids (by Bernie); my children
Baggage- 5 kids
Crush- teenage daughters
Shadow- my family; the kids; your family (by Don)
Torch- family card (by Jo); 3 daughters
Merchandise- your kids (by Olivia)
Gray- 5 kids (by Kathy); family
Rescue- 5 of my own
Totem- I've got 5
Bang- kids (by Ken Turner); 5 children (by Ken Turner); my children

note: for the most part, these are not the episodes the family (more than one) appeared in

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