Thursday, November 1, 2012

Countdown (season 2)

Elliot, Olivia, John, and Fin didn't have anymore leads to follow so they decided to call it a night
Elliot: I still got time to go to the toy store. Kathy's going to faint when she finds out I got the twins' birthday present 2 days early
But Don caught them in time with news that a little girl was kidnapped

Everyone was on their phones and looking through old files connected to their case for any clues. Elliot was on the phone with Kathy
Elliot: Kath, you know...I do know how important it is baby, but...okay. Yeah, I don't know. I'll give you a call in a couple hours...okay...Bye bye (to his co-workers) Kathy now informs me that we've been working for 36 hours.
 Two days later, it's the twins' birthday and Elliot still hasn't gotten their present. Elliot and Olivia were very tired and were snappy to one another- Don separated them.
Don: Elliot, you talk to your wife
Elliot: What?
Don points to Kathy with Dickie and Elizabeth
Elliot: Hey
 They were at the vending machines; Elliot was teasing the twins about their age and then sent them off to see Uncle Munchie about some pudding. Elliot hugged Kathy with kisses on the cheeks
Elliot: Hi Baby
Kathy: Oh, hi
Elliot: I'm so sorry Kathy, I got like 2 seconds
Kathy: We'll take them
Elliot: Did you get the...?
Kathy: Yeah, taken care of
Elliot: Good
Dickie and Elizabeth came back- Dickie had moldy pudding while Elizabeth presented Elliot with a toothbrush and a shirt
Elizabeth: Bought you a present
Elliot: This is the best present a guy's every had. Thank you.
Elliot and the twins hugged when Olivia came in with a new lead. Elliot quickly said goodbye to his family
Elliot: Okay. I love you. Bye
Kathy: Bye
Elliot quickly kissed Kathy on the cheek, giving back the shirt and toothbrush when he rushed off.

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