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The Emmy Winner

Ellen Burstyn
Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series

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Family & Children Mentions

Payback- 4 children; her sisters (by Kathy)
Stalked- the kids (by Richard White)
Disrobed- they
Slaves- my kids; my family
Secrets- your kids (by Olivia)
Victims- my own children
Pique- too many
Scourge- my own family
Wrath- your kids (by Olivia)
Stolen- 4 children of my own
Monogamy- 4 of them
Execution- little bastards (by Matthew Brotus)
Silence- my kids
Disappearing Acts- family of six (by FBI Agent)
Waste- 4 of them
Damaged- my kids
Risk- kids
Pandora- my kids; 4
Dominance- kids
Futility- kids
Grief- 3 daughters
Tragedy- 4 kids of my own; 3 (girls) and 1 boys
Manic-your kids (by Olivia)
Mother- 4 kids
Choice- 4 healthy kids
Abomination- kids (by Casey); your kids (by Olivia)
Shaken- I have 4; my children
Criminal- my children
Scavenger- the kids
Doubt- the kids (by Lorna Scarry and Elliot)
Rage- your kids (by Gordon Rickett)
Quarry- kids (by Olivia)
Pure- kids (by Sebastian Ballentine); my family; 4 kids (by Don)
Ripped- the kids; my kids; my children
Taboo- your kids (by Don)
Fault- your kids (by Olivia)
Fat- my family; my kids
Clock- the kids (by Kathy); 3 daughters and 1 son; your kids (by Colette Walsh); my family
Recall- my kids
Burned- the kids (by Kathy)
Dependent- my family
Screwed- the kids
Avatar- teenage daughters
Fight- mine (family)
Inconceivable- kids
Swing- everyone (by Bernie); the kids (by Bernie); my children
Baggage- 5 kids
Crush- teenage daughters
Shadow- my family; the kids; your family (by Don)
Torch- family card (by Jo); 3 daughters
Merchandise- your kids (by Olivia)
Gray- 5 kids (by Kathy); family
Rescue- 5 of my own
Totem- I've got 5
Bang- kids (by Ken Turner); 5 children (by Ken Turner); my children

note: for the most part, these are not the episodes the family (more than one) appeared in

Roma Fiction Festival 2008

When I was first offered the role of Elliot Stabler on SVU, he was a hero and my biggest problem was I didn't know how to play just a hero. I needed an aspect of what are the flaws of this person? So I ask- he was originally written to have 3 children- I asked that he have 4 children. The first one being illegitemate so he was forced to get married and the last 2 being a mistake and they were twins. I asked for a tattoo- MC tattoo- on his forearm because I thought that symbolizes some sort of a sense he had a wild life before he became this very uptooled straightlaced family man good guy. But I wanted to give this guy a lot of pressure in his life. And I think it comes out in his character.

Recently my character broke up with his wife. I felt that was a natural kind of evolution for what was happening and how he was dealing wiht the pressure of the job. In America, we call it 'booty call', he went back to his wife and had an one night affair with her during the separation, part of things. And she gets pregnant again. So now, he just had his fifth child. And again that was a collabrative dance of trying to figure out where to bring this guy again to a place of confusion and yet love and yet also a place where he, in his soul of souls, he feels most comfortable which is family and that sort of thing...

TV Guide's SVU Storms Back

April 2008
...Meanwhile, Stabler is back with his wife and kids, including a new baby. "Elliot is going to be dealing with his seventeen-year-old who is now a problem child," Meloni says. "He has gone to the dark place with his rage and I think having nearly lost his family, his wife, his new baby, he sees life through different eyes."

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Scourge (season 2)

Elliot was at the squad when a call came in for him
Elliot: Special Victims, Detective-- hey Kathy...No, no, it's just good to hear your voice

Later at night, Elliot was going through any possible leads with Olivia helping him. She was reading the reports outloud which annoyed Elliot, who was in a mood
Elliot: You know, it's the middle of the night and I'm sitting here realizing I spend more time with you than I do with my own family. No offense.
Olivia: We both need a vacation
Elliot: You got that right

Or Just Look Like One (Season 1)

 The family were eating breakfast and chatting away. Elliot noticed that Maureen was eating little bites of plain yogurt. He wanted her to eat more, putting sausage on her plate despite her protesting. Kathy called Elliot to talk to him privately about Maureen's anorexic-in-training routine that she's had for weeks; Elliot didn't know about it.
Kathy: Well, it'd be great if you'd come home earlier
Elliot: I do the best I can
Kathy: I know the case load, Honey, but I can't do it all alone...She listens to you.
Elliot: All right, I'll come home. I promise
Kathy: Thanks...Hey
Elliot: What?
Kathy: Your breakfast is getting cold
Elliot leaned in and kissed Kathy on the lips (twice) before going back to the table, trying to talk to Maureen but she said no.

Elliot later asked Dr. Elizabeth Olivet about the different eating disorders. She figured that Elliot was thinking about his daughter.
 Elliot came home to find Kathy waiting for Maureen to start eating her dinner.
Elliot (to Maureen): You look healthy enough to me (to Kathy) Have you eaten?
Kathy: No, I was waiting till you got home
Elliot: Manicotti night down at Scarentino's. Bottle of Chianti, our name on it. Let's get out of here.
Maureen: You can't make me eat Italian either
Elliot: That's all right, you're not invited. See ya!
Maureen: Mom!
But Kathy happily left with Elliot, hand in hand.

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Affection: Season 2

Countdown- Kathy took the twins to see Elliot on their birthday. Elliot sent the twins to see Uncle Munchie for treats so he can spend some time with Kathy, hugging and kissing her cheek. When a new lead came in, Elliot quickly kissed Kathy, saying he loves her before rushing off

Scourge- Elliot was happy to hear Kathy's voice over the phone when she called him. Later, Elliot was not in the best mood when he realized that he spends more time with Olivia than he does with his own family.

Snitch (season 9)

Elliot and Olivia went to see Immigration Agent Courtney Williams to help identify their murdered victim
Courtney: I'm surprised I hadn't heard from you
Elliot: I got back together with my wife
Courtney: Oh, good for you. Thought that might happen.

Quarry (season 6)

Elliot, Olivia, Don, and Melinda were in the morgue talking about the bones of a young boy when Elliot got a call from his cell
Elliot: Captain, that was Kathy. She's at the hospital with Dickie. They think it's appendicitis
Don: Go

Elliot came back when the case was solved and Olivia was about to go home
Olivia: How's Dickie?
Elliot: A handfull. He's demanding cookie dough ice cream and 'Jackass' 24/7. Reminds me so much of me, it's scary
Olivia: Didn't know you were a 'Jackass' fan
Elliot: I meant getting what I want. According to Kathy, it's not one of my endearing qualities
Olivia: Before you had kids, you ever worry what they'd be like?
Elliot: All the time. I still do.
Olivia: At least you and Kathy know what you're passing on...

Ballerina (season 10)

Elliot was talking to Birdie Solloway about her husband's questionable death, asking about the overall state of their marriage
Birdie: ...for 11 years
Elliot: Good ones?
Birdie: Well, I see you're married. So you must know they're not all good
Elliot: Right
Birdie took Elliot's hand when she noticed his wedding ring; patting his hand while answering his questions

Kathy's Pregnancy

In the 5th season, Olivia asked Elliot about Kathy's pregnancy-related to Fetal Alcohol Syndrome- if she got pregnant again, would Elliot let her drink alcohol? Elliot jokingly remarked that if Kathy got pregnant again, he would shoot himself. He then continued on that now knowing about Fetal Alchol Syndrome, he trusted Kathy to make her own decisions as she's given him four healthy children after having a glass of wine every now or then. At the time, Elliot truly believed that he was done with having kids. But 3 years/seasons later, Kathy was pregnant again.
 Although Elliot wanted to come home, he and Kathy were still separated and living apart. One night, Elliot and Olivia discovered the bodies of 3 young children and a wife while the husband was shot but still alive. Elliot was rattled by the discovery and left Olivia to brief Don. He had called Kathy to let him see the children. Elliot checked in on Elizabeth, Kathleen, and Dickie before going into Kathy's room to thank her for letting him come by. It helped him to see their kids but Kathy could see that Elliot was still rattled, so she invited him to stay. Elliot closed the bedroom door and got undressed, joining Kathy in bed to make love on the night of March 23rd (according to the DUN-DUN with place, date).
 On May 16th (according to the DUN-DUN banner dates), Kathy went to see Elliot at work, needing to talk to him. In the crib, Elliot could see something was up with Kathy. It wasn't about her pride or her ego- she wanted him to come home. Not for the children- for her. Elliot wanted to know what's changed: Kathy's pregnant. Elliot was shocked, stunned.
The next day, Elliot was still in shock. Olivia realized it and asked what was wrong? Elliot told her that Kathy was pregnant and went down on himself for being pathetic, fumbling around like a kid. Olivia asked what he was going to do but Elliot didn't know what she meant by that. They were interrupted before Olivia could explain. Elliot moved back home (offscreen)
 Halfway into Kathy's pregnant, Janis Donovan (who claimed to have DID) held her at knife-point hostage, wanting to see Elliot. He and Olivia rushed over to the house. Elliot managed to get Kathy out of the house safely.
Other than that, Kathy had her cravings of peanut better and tacos while being over 40. At one point, Elliot was concerned over the baby's health with all the risks that could happen but felt it was better not to know from the Doctor as they're Catholics.
 About a month before the baby's arrival, Elliot was seriously injured by getting head-butted and banged his head on his car while making an arrest- making him temporary blind. Although it was scary enough that the child was coming in a month, but it was the thought of never being able to see the child terrified Elliot.
 Near the end of the pregnancy, Kathy still thought she was having another girl while Elliot secretly wanted a boy; but more importantly he wanted it to be healthy.
 Elliot was involved in a case where a paternity dispute happened when it came to his mind, questioning if he was really the father of Kathy's baby as they were separated at the time of conception. Elliot questioned Kathy if she dated and slept with anybody; she was not happy with the questioning and figured if he was really asking her if he was really the father. Before Elliot could answer, he took a (second) call from Olivia.
 Later, Kathy was sleeping while Elliot was laying down next to her, staring at her belly.
 The following day, on November 17th, Elliot was supposed to take Kathy to her OB/GYN appointment as her car was in the shop. But after the discovery of a dead woman from their case, Elliot went to North Forks to make an arrest while Olivia volunteered to take Kathy to her appointment. But they never got there- a drunk driver crashed into Olivia's car on Kathy's passenger side, knocking them unconsious.
 Olivia came to and immediately called for help. She helped the paramedics tending to Kathy, who was in labor and going in and out of concious. The firefighters managed to free Kathy's legs from the dashboard while her contractions got stronger. Kathy was then loaded into the ambulance where the baby was coming- she couldn't hold on for 10 more minutes. Kathy gave birth to a baby boy while on the way to Mercy Hospital, with Olivia helping. Kathy was happy and relieved that ehr baby was crying while holding him before she was unconcious and needed more fluids (her heart also stopped)

TV Interviews 2007-2008

Rachael Ray (2007)
I think you bring that to the character a lot of conflicts, you know
I'm very priviledged, my character, you get to understand his home life and how he feels about his children and the things going on with his wife, how he is suffing and dealing with that. You know, it's alot.

Live With Regis & Kelly (2007)
...There's going to be a new addition to my family

Today Show (2008)
Bring us up to date on what's happening with Elliot these days?
He has gone back to his wife, he has a new baby- a little boy. He's trying to make things work in his family life.

TV Guide Fall Preview 2007

Ausiello's Spoliers
...also, Stabler is officially back playing house with his pregnant ex, Kathy, and their eldest* daughter is officially TV's most annoying teen.

Preview for Law & Order: Special Victims Unit's new season premiere
Where We Left Off: Elliot Stabler (Christopher Meloni) learned his estranged wife Kathy (Isabel Gillies) was pregnant
What's Next: Stabler moves back home...In the premiere, Cynthia Nixon plays an arachnologist with six personalities- shouldn't she have eight?- who kidnaps her own baby and threatens Stabler's family

*eldest- nope, that honor goes to Maureen. Kathleen is their second child.

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Dependent (season 8)

Elliot was suspended when it was believed he allegedly killed Ryan Bedford while trying to arrest him; Ryan tried to run and got into a physical fight- Elliot tried to save him with CPR. When Elliot was cleared, he went to see Kathy, who was surprised to see him.
Kathy: Elliot? What is it?
Elliot: We need to talk
Kathy: I saw the news. I knew you didn't kill that boy
Elliot: It's been a rough couple of days. And I've had time to think about what's important to me. I love my job and I love my family. And I nearly lost both of them. I wanna come home.

Maureen's Mentions

Contact- our first child
Honor- Maureen (by Olivia)
Consent- Maureen
Abuse- Maureen
Pique- your oldest child (by Jason Mayberry)
Stolen- my first daughter; my baby
Grief- Maureen
Shaken- Maureen; my little girl
Mean (it could either be for Maureen or Kathleen)- my daughter
Intoxicated- my daughter
Lunacy- Maureen

Note: these are episodes that Maureen/Erin Broderick do not appear in- only mentioned by name. The ones that do not have () were from Elliot.

Pop (season 12)

After Elliot filed a release form for Hank Roberts and secretly gave his step son Nicky his business card, Don ordered Elliot to stay away from the Roberts family.
Elliot: I'm going home, Captain
 Eli was in bed, ready to fall asleep. Elliot was sitting on his bed, staring at him.
 Kathy came in to the doorway, smiled, and left them alone.
Notes: According to editor Karen Stern's twitter, there was more to the scene with spoken dialouge between Elliot and Kathy. Kathy was being supportive to Elliot. However, Karen (as well as the crew- Dick Wolf, Neal Baer, etc) felt that the scene was more powerful with Kathy checking in on Elliot and Eli, so the extended scene was cut.
This episode would be the last appearance of Eli

Like Father, Like Son

Showing their butt crack on national television

Sophmore Jinx (season 1)

 Elliot was looking for his keys when Maureen snuck back in. Elliot caught her- asking where she's been, what she was doing. He had her breathe on him for alcohol and continue to ask who she was with. Elliot didn't like Maureen's answers so he grounded her until further notice: when she turns 18 or he gets the answers. Life's not fair.
 Elliot and Kathy were preparing dinner with Kathleen, Dickie, and Elizabeth helping.
Dickie: I could eat the whole steak now
Kathy (to Kathleen): Good job Honey (to Dickie) You can eat a whole steak?
Dickie: I could eat a whole cow by now
Kathy laughed while Maureen came downstairs and was surprised to see Elliot home. Elliot wanted to know why she was out of her room; Maureen was up there for days. Elliot still wanted answers from her whereabouts while out of the house. Maureen couldn't believe that he's doing this and went back upstairs.
Kathy: Think you're handling this right?
Elliot: Yeah, I do
Kathy: Well I don't
Elliot: Okay, what do you got?
Kathy: Suppose my parents had dealt with me like that?
Elliot: We wouldn't have had Maureen
Elliot silently dropped Maureen off at school but stopped her. Maureen thought that he would be apologizing...
Elliot: I'm not apologizing. But I'm not going to stand here and have a cold war with someone that I love
Maureen claimed that she didn't do anything wrong. Elliot believed her. They were both afraid, especially for Elliot who doesn't want to be picking up her body parts as it terrified him. Elliot and Maureen hugged and both apologized
Elliot: Hey...I love you
Maureen: I love you too

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Starry Constellation Magazine; January 2008

What is new this season for your character, Kathy Stabler, on Law & Order: SVU?
Kathy and Elliot are back together and we're pregnant. There is a lot about my character and how the family is involved or whatever is happening in the crime script and how it reflects back on Elliot's life. He often takes things from work and takes them into home life, or vice versa. We're back together and pregnant with our fifth child. Then, there are storylines that reflect what the story is about that week. It's nice we didn't get divorced

What made you want to be part of the show?
I was so happy that they would have me! Who doesn't want to be on 'Law & Order'? It's a great New York show and I'm a New York actress. I've been on the original Law & Order. When this part came up, I was lucky to get it

Where do you draw on your portrayal?
I'm a mother so a lot of it is dealing with a husband who is incredibly busy a lot. I just sort of draw on it from imagining what it would be like to have 4 or 5 children instead of 2 and just what married couples go through with careers and the toilet breaking. I'm a good housewife so I draw on all that and of stuff that I do at home anyway.

What about your role do you find challenging?
I don't know because I find it so exciting to go in and work with a really great cast that is there. What I actually think is challenging is going in and not being there every day. With going in every once and a while then going 0 to 60. The others are there 15 hours a day every single day. Then I come in a while and I have to kind of get up to speed with them, which is kind of difficult. The character is fun to think about how people lived and what it would be like if I lived that way

What is it like working with such an amazing cast?
They are wonderful professional actors and it is like playing tennis with someone who is just really great. It makes you play better and I'm just honored to be on the show. It's a great institution of television to be part of.

What has been your most memorable moment from filming the show?
I remember once way early, the first season I was having a terrible time getting my lines down for this one scene. Chris Meloni was eating chicken and it was 2 in the morning. I just kept messing up this one line and every single time he had to eat another chicken leg. I felt so bad about that! That's not a very proud moment, but for some reason it flew into my head. I find myself in fun situations with this character. Cynthia Nixon one time kidnapped me. There is crazy stuff that won't necessary happen to you every day.

Why do you think people continue to tune into the show?
I think because it is really taken from real life and it reads that way. The writing is just really good and people love a drama. They just love a quick hour drama. It's exiciting, interesting, and real. There is no BS and people love it. I love it! You get sucked in quite quickly. Before that first commercial break, you're in there!

Season Finale With Neal Baer

TV Guide; May 2007
On Law & Order: SVU, will Elliot move back with Kathy and the kids now that she's pregnant?
Earlier in the season, in the episode 'Burned'- in which a husband and wife kept doing more and more terrible things to each other- Elliot thought about going back to Kathy. He didn't want to be that kind of person- he wanted the safety and comfort of home. But he just wasn't able to take the final step because he's so tortured by the work he does. It took a cataclysmic case where a family was destroyed for him to decide to make the move back. When Dylan Walsh's character murdered his wife and children in 'Annihilated', it brought home to Elliot how things can change in an instant and made him realize how much he loved his wife and family. In the finale, he found out that Kathy's pregnant. His kids range from 15 to 22, so next season he's going to have to learn how to be a father to a child again, as well as a husband.

TV Guide: Christopher Meloni May 2007

Tonight, Nip/Tuck's Dylan Walsh plays a married father, possibly a CIA agent and a suspect in a young woman's murder. Why is Stabler so emotionally involved in this case?
You see a guy who's outwardly a family man like Elliot, who has everything going for him but this guy's living a double life. Elliot is estranged from his wife and this case goes to the heart of how easily everything can be taken away from you

Which leads to something rarely-seen on L&O- a hot love scene in which you're pretty much exposed...
I will say that when I read the script, I had a very broad smile on my face. It hasn't been seen in this venus, so I was up for it.

His estranged wife is his romantic partner. Does that lead to a reconcilation? We hear there's a major development
I can't divulge that. What's great about that scene is that it was painful, amid not only the wreckage of our marriage but what I am dealing with. It spoke volume far beyond my bare ass

A Look at SVU's Shocking Final Episodes!

TV Guide Preview; May 2007
...Family is the root of much of the drama
...Then next week, Det. Stabler's unstable personal life takes center stage as he ponders his ambigous marital status while investigating the slaughter of a Staten Island family
...A nagging question is also answered during the finale: For weeks, scoopsters (led by TV Guide's own Michael Ausiello) have been teasing an SVU pregnancy. Although Stabler has been outed as the father, the mother is still unknown. But astute viewers won't need to wait until the end of the month to figure out the identity of the lucky lady. The May 8 episode all but gives it away.

Q&A With Michael Ausiello

TV Guide & Entertainment Weekly- April 2007
Michael Ausiello announced on an online video that there would be a pregnancy. The father would be Stabler while the mother's identity was kept quiet and gave out a multiple choice: Olivia, Kathy, or Dani
Q: I would love some juicy Law & Order: SVU scoop
A: A character is pregnant- and we'll find out out in the season finale (Hint: If you're been clamoring for a Benson-Stabler romance, this pregnancy will be a particular interest to you)

Q: Have you heard about Chris Meloni's full moon in the May 8th episode of SVU?
A: "Full moon" is a bit of an exaggeration. From what I hear, it's more like a waning cresent

Q: Please, for the love of God, tell me a little more on the SVU baby bombshell? I know you dwindle it down to Dani, Olivia, or Kathy, but can't you give us a little more information?
A: The baby will be conceived on May 8th

SVU's Expecting News Feb. 2007 (TV Guide)

...Although the cases they work are still the series' hook, their soap-opera-like personal sagas, Stabler's unstable home life...have been stealing the focus of late...There certainly are no plans for them to get together anytime soon, particularly since Stabler is trying to reconcile with Kathy, his estranged wife.

Pure (season 6)

Sebastian Ballentine, a claimed psychic, got on Elliot's nerves while trying to be involved in the missing girl's case
Sebastian: You should call your wife and kids, they're worried

Elliot was later questioning Sebastian while Don, George, and Olivia were watching. Elliot wants to know what he's thinking to put Sebastian on the test
Sebastian: I'm sensing trouble with a family member. A woman. Is it your wife?
Elliot: I don't discuss my family at work
Sebastian: I see the number 3. Pregnancies? Oh yes, it's family again. Sorry

Olivia: How the hell is he doing this?
Don: Elliot has 4 kids
Olivia: 3 pregnancies, one was twins.

Sebastian turned out to be a fake and had information on Elliot and Olivia on his computer; he also was the one who was guilty.

Lunacy (season 10)

 Elliot runs into an old friend and mentor, Dick Finley, an astronaut, who got Elliot in the Marines. Dick helped the detectives to solve a fellow astronaut Margo Janssen's murder. Dick, Elliot, and Olivia were having dinner at the squad. Fin came up to talk to Olivia about a new lead. While Olivia and Fin talked, Dick checked Olivia out
Dick: So...?
Elliot: Dick, I'm married
Dick: Never stopped me
Elliot: You got 4 divorces to prove it
 The next day, Dickie came by and Olivia at first didn't recognize him as he has gotten tall. Dickie now goes by Dick. Olivia wants to know what brought him here.
Elliot (to Olivia): I wanted him to drop by so he could meet the man that he's named after (to Dick) Colonel! Colonel! You got a minute?
Dick: Oh, let me guess, kid's as handsome as this gotta be named Dick
Elliot: Dick Stabler, meet Colonel Dick Finley
Dickie: It's an honor, Sir
Dick: It's all mine. Your dad told me alot about you
Dickie asked about going to the moon; Dick presented him a toy rocket, a replica that will take him there.
 Meanwhile, Anton Thibodeaux murdered Vince Beckwith for allegedly killing his 'friend'. Elliot quickly rushed Dickie to safety at his desk while Dick tackled Anton. A gun went off, killing Anton. Olivia didn't know where to start on her report while Elliot's can wait
Elliot: I'm gonna do mine tomorrow. I gotta get my boy home
Don: Go
Olivia walked Elliot and Dickie out
 At home, Elliot apologized to Dickie for having him see all that but he was unfazed; he thought it was cool about to meet the Colonel
Dickie: He's like your hero, isn't he?
Elliot: mmm, till you came along
Elliot explained that he and his father butted heads a lot and Dick took him under his wing. Dickie then wondered why Elliot didn't follow his dream to follow Dick's footsteps- Elliot actually did try, but...
Dickie: Chickened out?
Elliot: No, it's more like I saw what I already had. You know, your Mom...Maureen on the way
Dickie: I thought you guys got married after you got out of the Marines...Dude, you knocked up Mom?
Elliot got quiet and quickly led Dickie into the house.
Elliot: My point is that it wasn't about me being a fighter pilot anymore. I mean, I had a wife and new baby on the way I wasn't even 20 years old. So it was either follow my dream or take responsibility. You know, yeah I wanted to be like Dick but not as much as I wanted to do right by our family
Dickie didn't really want to pick his own family over going up to the moon.
Elliot realized that Dick was the one who killed Marga in jealousy that she was going to the moon instead of Dick. Dick and Elliot got into a fight when Elliot confronted him
Elliot: You murdered that woman. You dumped her body in the river. You have the nerve to shake my boy's hand!
Elliot hit Dick hard before arresting him

Countdown (season 2)

Elliot, Olivia, John, and Fin didn't have anymore leads to follow so they decided to call it a night
Elliot: I still got time to go to the toy store. Kathy's going to faint when she finds out I got the twins' birthday present 2 days early
But Don caught them in time with news that a little girl was kidnapped

Everyone was on their phones and looking through old files connected to their case for any clues. Elliot was on the phone with Kathy
Elliot: Kath, you know...I do know how important it is baby, but...okay. Yeah, I don't know. I'll give you a call in a couple hours...okay...Bye bye (to his co-workers) Kathy now informs me that we've been working for 36 hours.
 Two days later, it's the twins' birthday and Elliot still hasn't gotten their present. Elliot and Olivia were very tired and were snappy to one another- Don separated them.
Don: Elliot, you talk to your wife
Elliot: What?
Don points to Kathy with Dickie and Elizabeth
Elliot: Hey
 They were at the vending machines; Elliot was teasing the twins about their age and then sent them off to see Uncle Munchie about some pudding. Elliot hugged Kathy with kisses on the cheeks
Elliot: Hi Baby
Kathy: Oh, hi
Elliot: I'm so sorry Kathy, I got like 2 seconds
Kathy: We'll take them
Elliot: Did you get the...?
Kathy: Yeah, taken care of
Elliot: Good
Dickie and Elizabeth came back- Dickie had moldy pudding while Elizabeth presented Elliot with a toothbrush and a shirt
Elizabeth: Bought you a present
Elliot: This is the best present a guy's every had. Thank you.
Elliot and the twins hugged when Olivia came in with a new lead. Elliot quickly said goodbye to his family
Elliot: Okay. I love you. Bye
Kathy: Bye
Elliot quickly kissed Kathy on the cheek, giving back the shirt and toothbrush when he rushed off.