Sunday, October 28, 2012

Wanderlust (season 1)

 The family was getting ready to go out for dinner with Elliot fixing Elizabeth's hair while Maureen was fixing her own hair. Elizabeth took Maureen's lipstick to put it on herself but Maureen took it back. The phone rang; Kathleen gave the phone to Elliot to call him in. He will try to make it for dessert but Maureen didn't believe him. Dickie ran in to kiss his father goodbye along with Kathleen and Elizabeth. Elliot went to kiss Maureen but she refused
Maureen: Dad, not on the lips
Elliot (to Kathy): When did that happen?
Kathy: When you were at work
 Elliot and Kathy were making out on the couch with the television on until Elliot realizes that Maureen has a boyfriend. Kathy filled Elliot in on Jim Delmonico who does a lot of studying with Maureen, so Elliot may run into him. Elliot was not thrilled and wondered if Maureen had sex yet. Kathy hoped not. Elliot then wondered how they would know...if they'll know.
 Kathy was taking pictures of Maureen coming down for her Homecoming dance with Jim. After posing, it was time to leave. Elliot told Maureen that she looked beautiful. Maureen gave Elliot a hug, he gave her a kiss on the cheek
Maureen: Don't wait up for me
Elliot: Yeah, right.

Elliot went to Don's office after a teenager, Virginia Hayes, confessed to murdering her adult boyfriend. Elliot had seen Virginia like he saw Maureen while Olivia saw something different.
Elliot: I have a child a little younger than Virginia. When she was born, I used to take her to the playground and the grocery store, whatever. But it wasn't her that I would watch obsessively. It was the men all around, wanting to protect her from anything they might do to her.
Cragen: Elliot...
Elliot: The other night her date comes to pick her up. All I am thinking is 'What is this guy going to do to her?'
Cragen: I know
Cragen: Your daughter caring for someone doesn't mean she loves you any less
Elliot: I know that
Cragen: You want to be the only man in her life
Elliot: No...sort of

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