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The Stabler Children & Olivia

Like any parent, Elliot talked about his children all the time. A case involving children would affect Elliot close to home and while Olivia wasn't a parent, she sometimes understood his point of view the best she could.
In the first season, Olivia and the Stabler children did not share any scenes (although they may have met off-screen) until the second season in a brief scene.
 It was the twins' birthday when Kathy took them to see their very busy Dad and Olivia rushed in with a new lead.
 It wasn't until the third season when Olivia first interacted with one of the Stabler children- Maureen. Olivia first noticed Maureen walking towards them to talk to her father; Olivia greeted. After Elliot and Maureen had their private conversation in Don's office, Olivia asked Maureen about school and college applications until Elliot reminded Maureen that she'll be late. The private conversation was tense and it bothered Elliot- it showed through by him being a jerk. Elliot screwed up by being distracted for not sending in a check with the college application. Eventually, Olivia realized there was more to Elliot's family problems.
 In the sixth season, Kathy left Elliot and took the kids with her- Olivia was shocked by the news. Elliot was devastated. Whenever Olivia noticed that Elliot was under a lot of stress, she would tell him to go home but Elliot refused. The house was empty. Olivia suggested to call the kids, but again, Elliot refused. It's not the same. On his birthday, Olivia called his children to surprise Elliot. The children brought Elliot a cake and Kathy gave Maureen the keys to the car. Elliot was very happy to see them.
After Dickie was recovering from appencidis, Olivia asked in concern about him and if Elliot and Kathy ever wondered what their kids would be as grown ups. At least Elliot and Kathy knew what they're passing to their kids while Olivia's DNA was drunk and cruel.
There was a momentary worry for Elliot when he realized from the HIV patients list that Kathleen's ex-boyfriend was on it. But Kathleen never slept with him. However, Kathleen started to have her own problems with the law, starting with getting a DUI.

In the seventh season, the children did not appear during the entire season. However, there were a few references. Elliot was still having a tough time with the separation, which progressed into divorce proceedings. He was also reeling from missing his children and refusing to go home. Elliot spent most nights sleeping in the crib at work.

In the eigth season, Olivia could see the fatherly pride in Elliot's face when Kathy called him about Dickie's suspension for punching a kid. After discovering three children and a wife dead, Elliot was shaken up that he needed to leave. Olivia went to update Don while Elliot went to see his wife and children. A few months later, Olivia was the first person Elliot told that Kathy was pregnant. Olivia was surprised as Elliot hadn't moved back home yet and asked what he was going to do? Elliot didn't know what she meant by that, but they were interrupted before Olivia could answer.
 In the ninth season, Olivia rushed with Elliot to his home when Janis Donovan (a suspect in their case) was holding a pregnant Kathy hostage with a knife. Elliot managed to get Kathy out of the house while he and Olivia got Janis arrested. When Olivia and Elliot interviewed parents of disabled children, she could see that Elliot was concerned for Kathy, who was over 40 and having a baby.
By the time Kathy was nearing the end of her pregnancy, she had an appointment with her OB/GYN and needed a ride as her car was in the shop. Elliot was planning to do that but forgot about it after finding a body of a woman involved in their case. Elliot went to North Forks which was 3 hours away so Olivia volunteered to take Kathy to the appointment. While on their way, a drunk driver slammed into Olivia's car on the passenger (Kathy) side. Kathy's legs were pinned under the dashboard, she was dehydrated and in labor. The firefighters managed to get Kathy out of the car and into the ambulance where she gave birth to a baby boy. Olivia helped coach Kathy and was happy until she realized Kathy wasn't responding. Kathy needed more fluids and her heart briefly stopped; meanwhile Olivia took the baby, keeping him warm with a thermal blanket while paramedics worked on Kathy. At the hospital, Elliot rushed past Olivia to Kathy's room. After the visit, Olivia was waiting outside the room when Elliot came out. He hugged Olivia as a Thank You. Olivia asked if they picked a name- Kathy wanted to name the baby after Elliot. Just want the world needs: another Elliot Stabler.
At one point, Elliot was concern for Olivia over the stolen embryos case for being over 40, using Kathy as an example but Eli was a healthy baby.
 In the tenth season, Elliot discovered Elizabeth's old school photo on a pedophile site and got suspended for getting into a fight with Jake Berlin, the webmaster; risking Olivia, Fin, and John's careers.
Kathleen got into more trouble after stealing her father's credit card and then she broke into a home, stealing an antique necklace and taking a shower. Olivia took the case and learned from Kathy that Elliot's mother (who she didn't know about) had the same condition as Kathleen. Olivia took Bernie to see Kathleen in jail. Kathleen admitted to the court that she's sick and will take the medication with Olivia in the room, sitting next to Kathy.
 Dickie came by the squad to meet Colonel Dick Finlay, Elliot's hero. Olivia was surprised to see how tall Dickie's gotten. She hardly recognized him at first. There was a shooting that left two people dead so Elliot left to take Dickie home with Olivia walking them out.
 When Elliot went undercover, Olivia went to see Kathy to inform her- Eli was up. Kathy got mad over the fact that Elliot didn't call her himself and decided to leave him again, taking Eli with her. Olivia stopped Kathy and Eli from leaving, promising that she'll have Elliot call her.
 Olivia brought in Kathleen to help Kim Garnet, a victim of physical abuse from her boyfriend and was trying to protect him because she was afraid of him.
 In the eleventh season, Dickie went missing when he ditched school after getting into a fight- he was looking for his best friend, Shane Newsome. The detectives believed the possibility that Shane went back to drugs while Dickie insisted he wasn't. They were going to join the Buddy system in the Army. Olivia interrogated Dickie, which didn't phase him because Elliot does the same thing when trying to get personal. He tried to turn the tables by asking Olivia if she ever slept with her partner. As it turned out, Dickie was right. Shane was sober for many months from his autopsy report after being found dead.
Olivia was given guardianship of a premature baby girl, who's health was threatened. She asked Elliot what he would've done if Eli was sick and there was nothing he could do- Elliot isn't God.

In the twelvth season, Olivia was to speak at Take Back the Night rally for rape victims for Kathleen at her college. But her guardian child, Calvin Arliss, was having a tummy ache. A rape victim came forward, accusing Chuck Mills of rape, which Olivia got involved in.
Months later, Olivia got the news that Elliot was being accused of molestation in court and went to tell him; Elliot saw her coming, telling her that he needed to take an hour lunch to meet with a preschool for Eli until he realized something was up.
In the thirdteenth season, Olivia packed up Elliot's desk after he retired, including a picture of him and Eli.

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