Sunday, October 7, 2012

Season 2 Shorts

Elliot and Olivia were going through their victim's belongings
Olivia: Can you imagine what Maureen would do if you told her she couldn't wear jeans?
Elliot: That's the place I don't want to go

Elliot and Olivia were questioning around college, investigating a student's rape
Elliot: Sometimes the thought of Maureen in college scares the hell out of me

John was telling Elliot and Olivia how many times Ashley Austin-Green has called Olivia, but Elliot misunderstood
John: She's called 3 times
Elliot: Who, Maureen?
John: Not yours (to Olivia) Yours.

Elliot and Olivia were searching teenager Ethan Chance's bedroom
Olivia: Your kids keep their room this clean?
Elliot: I wish

Elliot was questioning suspect and former cop Sam Winfield; he told him about an old case that plague him headaches.
Elliot: I wasn't sleeping alot. I kept having these recurring nightmares where my own children were underneath these floorboards that I couldn't pry up

IAB Detectives Coates and Waldmen were searching through Elliot and Olivia's desks
Elliot: Did you find anything incriminating in my wife's photo?

Elliot and Olivia were talking to a couple, a wife lost her twin sister to murder
Elliot: I have twins. They're inseparable

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