Thursday, October 18, 2012

Scheherezade (season 8)

 Elliot, Kathy, Maureen, and Kathleen attended Dickie and Elizabeth's confirmation ceremony. Elizabeth chose Claire while Dickie choose Michael, which caught Maureen by surprise.
 Maureen: I thought Dickie chose Peter as his confirmation name
Elliot: Saint Michael. Patron Saints of cops
Kathy: He's trying to please his father
Kathleen: Like that's gonna get you guys back together
Elliot gave Kathleen a look before going back to the ceremony.
 After the ceremony, Elliot offered to take them to lunch for some burgers but they already had plans with their grandmother (Kathy's mother), so maybe next time. Kathleen wanted to mingle, taking Maureen with her while Dickie and Elizabeth took their photos
Maureen: Bye Dad
Elliot: I love you
Kathy: It's still hard for them
Elliot: I know
Father Denis approached Elliot to ask him for a favor. Kathy left them alone to talk
Elliot: Hey, tell them I want to say goodbye to them before they go, okay?
Kathy: Okay

Note: Filmed in the Spring of 2006 during the production of season 7 during Mariska's pregnancy. This was technically the first episode of Isabel returning to SVU since her divorce of her first marriage and moving back to New York from Ohio.
Rumor has it that this episode was originally intended to be season 8's opener but instead got pushed back to mid-season 8.

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