Thursday, October 18, 2012

Popular (season 3)

 Elliot and Kathy attended Kathleen's parent-teacher conference about her grades. Elliot was not happy about the idea of Kathleen going to summer school while Kathy was confident that she will be all right as they were working on it.
Elliot: Then why am I just hearing about this?
Kathy: Because you work really hard and most nights you're not home until the kids are in bed
 At home, Elliot caught Kathleen on the phone and told her to get off. She was grounded until further notice. Kathy had nothing to say when Kathleen turned to her. Kathleen went upstairs in a huff
Elliot: You know, it is abuntantly clear to me you are the parent and I'm a paycheck
Kathy: You are a good father, but you're overreacting
Elliot: Oh
Kathy: You know, we are pretty lucky. We've never had any real trouble with the kids
Elliot: Trouble's relative
Kathy continues on to talk about a teenager. Elliot questioned Kathy of whatever information she knew from her nurse friend, Carol Porter. The teenager (Cynthia Wilmont) didn't want to report her rape but Elliot wanted to get justice for her.
Elliot tried to question Carol but she refused to answer his questions and was disappointed that Kathy told him.
Elliot asked Olivia to get a copy of the sign-in sheet at the hospital to find out about the teenage rape victim. He told her that Kathy knew a nurse there who would know that he's snooping around.

 After finding out the identity of the teenage rape victim and tried to have her come forward- but she refused to talk.
Elliot and Olivia arrived back to the squad where Kathy was waiting. Olivia greeted Kathy and went to brief Don.
Elliot: You're angry
Kathy: Actually I'm not and that's what scares me
Elliot: You know why I had to pursue this
Kathy: I know that I lost a good friend today, but you lost something much more important. And even if you don't realize it or you don't care...
Elliot: Now you know that's not true
Kathy: You played me, Elliot. You carried on that conversation drawing information out of me like I was your witness
Elliot continued to go on about what would happen to Cynthia if she didn't come forward with her rape
Kathy: I know you too well for that. But everything has a price. And I just hope that you can pay it
Kathy was leaving when she heard Olivia telling Elliot that Cynthia was pushed down the stairs. Kathy looked at Elliot and left.

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