Thursday, October 18, 2012

Kathy's Job

All too often I've seen fans of the show believing that Kathy was a nurse. I also know it's been mentioned in quite a number of fan-fictions. Well, I'm going to put the truth out of the open: Kathy was never a nurse. In fact, it was never mentioned what Kathy did for a living other than being a wife and mother. There was a mentioned of Kathy working in the past in the episode called Stolen in season 3 but Elliot did not say exactly what. All he said was that his wife worked days while he worked nights while taking turns to take care of their baby Maureen while making ends meet. She could've been a nurse, granted, but it's hard to prove since her 'medical' expertise were never offered or asked to used once which was why I squash the "Kathy's a nurse" rumor down. Kathy could've worked while separated from Elliot but whatever she did during the separation (and that includes dating others- but we'll get into that another time for another entry) was never explored or been given a passing mention. I do think that Kathy being friends with a nurse got many confused and assumed that Kathy was a nurse too. For all we know, Kathy and Carol Porter (the nurse) knew each other as children, or as one-time neighbors- they could've met anywhere!
I do remember seeing some 'sides' (random pages of scripts released to find actors for a certain role to do an audition) from an episode called Hell in season 10 and there was a scene where Elliot was in the library to find someone who was at the aisle- the librarian was about to mentioned the number codes of the aisle the person of interest would normally be found but Elliot figured out right away. Fin/Olivia (I don't remember which one it was, I think it was originally Olivia but due to last minute changes, Fin took Olivia's place in the scene) gave Elliot a funny look and he explained that he used to help Kathy study for Library Science. The scene was either not filmed or it was cut out, so don't bother looking for it. Those sides are now long gone, I just have that library part engraved into my memory.

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