Saturday, October 6, 2012

Kathy & Olivia

In the first season, Olivia and Kathy did not share any scenes together. But they have mentioned one another and must've already met off screen. Olivia knew that Kathy was really the 'man' of the house because Elliot's never there. Late one night, Kathy found Elliot and tried to make conversation with him but he was quiet. She asked Elliot if he talked to Olivia about work- he does- she's his partner.
 It wasn't until the second season when Olivia and Kathy shared a scene- briefly: Kathy, Dickie, and Elizabeth visited Elliot at work (during their birthday) when Olivia rushed in quickly with a new lead. Eventually, Elliot realized that he spent more time with Olivia than he did with his own family, which put him in a bitter mood.
 In the third season, Kathy thought Elliot was shutting her out when he would come home and wouldn't talk about work as it seemed to have gotten more gruesome than the last case. Olivia sided with Kathy, warning him that if Elliot continued to keep that up he would ruin the best thing he's ever had. In another episode, Kathy told Elliot about a teacher raping a student that was told to her by her friend, nurse Carol Porter. Elliot was determined to investigate, involving Olivia to get the sign-in sheet from the hospital. Kathy went over to see Elliot where Olivia happily greeted her before going to see Don to update him.

In the fourth season, Elliot trusted Olivia with his credit card to get a birthday present for Kathy. Kathy went to see Elliot, bringing him dinner. Although they were in the same room together, Kathy and Olivia did not get a chance to talk (or share the same screen).

In the fifth season, Olivia asked Elliot about Kathy drinking alcohol while pregnant after learning about Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS). Kathy had given Elliot four (later five) healthy children, he'd trust her to make the decision.

In the sixth season, Olivia was shocked by hearing from attorney Lorna Scarry that Kathy had filed for legal separation and moved in with her mother, taking the children with her. The job was making Elliot difficult to live with but he eventually started to fall apart at work, refusing to go home to an empty house.

In the seventh season, Elliot told Olivia not to call Kathy after he was shot; she started divorce proceedings a couple of weeks ago.
In the eigth season, Olivia went undercover for the FBI; Kathy heard about it when she went to the hospital where she was surprised to see Dani Beck. Olivia came back; a month later, Kathy called Olivia to meet at the park. The meeting was tense. Kathy still cared for Elliot despite getting a divorce but was counting on Olivia to help her convince Elliot to sign the divorce papers. It wasn't easy for Kathy to talk about the state of her marriage to Olivia. She has spent many years being worried that Elliot preferred spending time with Olivia than with her and the kids- but that wasn't true. Olivia told her that Elliot talked about Kathy all the time. Regardless, Olivia knew things about Elliot that Kathy would never understand and Olivia gave him stability. Kathy knew that Elliot can't move on until he could feel like he's on solid ground. It turned out that Olivia didn't convince Elliot to sign the divorce papers- he signed at his own choice. In another episode, when Elliot's job was in jeopardy and he had time to think about what was important to him. Once he got his job back, Elliot went to see Kathy to tell her that he wanted to come home. Later, Elliot told Olivia about it when he had to cancel a drink date with Kathy to work. A few short months later, Elliot told Olivia that Kathy was pregnant. Elliot hadn't moved back home yet and seeing how he was reacting negative about it, Olivia asked what was he going to do? Elliot wanted to know what she meant by that but they were interrupted.
 In the ninth season, Elliot already moved back home. Olivia accompanied Elliot to his house when their suspect Janis Donovan was holding Kathy hostage with a knife. In another episode, after interviewing parents of disabled children, Olivia could see Elliot being worried about Kathy and the baby as she was over 40 years of age. When Elliot was seriously injured and in the hospital, he woke up Kathy notified Olivia and the nurse. Elliot recovered.
 Elliot was supposed to take Kathy to her OB/GYN Doctor's appointment but thought he should make an arrest out of town so Olivia volunteered to take Kathy. Olivia picked Kathy up right on time but got into a car accident, knocking both unconcious. Olivia came to and radio in for help, while trying to wake up Kathy. When the firefighters and the ambulence came, Olivia helped them by crawling to the backseat behind Kathy to follow the paramedic's instructions with the IV and a neckbrace. Kathy came to and she realized that her water broke and was in labor. Don rushed over with Elliot on the phone to talk to Kathy. Olivia comforted Kathy while the firefighters used the Jaws of Life to free Kathy's legs from the dashboard. Kathy didn't want Olivia to leave her when it was time to get her out, but she wasn't going anywhere.
 Kathy was loaded to the ambulence and couldn't wait- the baby was coming now! Kathy gave birth to a boy with Olivia there to support. Kathy was happy and relieved for her baby but lost concious for the third time; however her heart stopped. While the paramedics tended to Kathy, Olivia tended to the baby, keeping him warm. At the hospital, Kathy was awake when Elliot rushed in. Elliot was grateful to Olivia, hugging her. The car accident seemed to have changed the barely-there relationship between them into it's own relationship away from their common link: Elliot.
 In the tenth season, Olivia was on Kathleen's break-in case and tried to help, especially after when Kathy called her and filled her in about Bernadette, Elliot's mother (who Olivia didn't even know she was alive), who had the same disorder as Kathleen's. Olivia met Bernadette for the first time; Bernie could now understand why Olivia scared the pants off of Kathy and was grateful that there were no women on the force during her time as a cop's wife. But Joe made do with nurses. Olivia convinced Bernadette to see Kathleen in prison to help. Olivia sat next to Kathy at Kathleen's sentencing while Elliot stood at the doorway.
 At another time, Kathy called Olivia, wanting to know when Elliot'll be back. But Elliot (who was there) told Olivia to tell Kathy that he was out on the field. When Elliot went undercover, Olivia went to see Kathy to tell her. Kathy was furious that Olivia lied to her over the phone and that she wasn't notified by Elliot sooner. Olivia apologized, trying to explain that it went down so fast. Kathy had enough. She couldn't take it anymore and packed a few things for her and Eli to leave Elliot. Olivia convinced her to stay, promising she will have Elliot to call her. When Olivia saw Elliot, she told him that Kathy was more than mad and she doesn't blame her. If he pulled that again and doesn't tell Kathy, he would be safer in the undercover home! Elliot wanted Olivia to tell Kathy that he had Olivia's cell phone while his was taken away.

In the eleventh season, Dickie went missing while trying to find his best friend, Shane Newsome: Olivia, John, and Fin helped. Olivia and Kathy didn't share any scenes but they were in the same room together when Elliot shoved Dickie against the wall when Kathy rushed in, calming down Elliot and taking Dickie home. While Olivia was questioning Dickie, he tried to turn the tables by asking her if she ever slept with her partner? Never. When Elliot's former partner and ADA Jo Marlowe came on, she asked Olivia that same question but again, she denied it because Elliot's married. Olivia respected his marriage and Kathy's role in his life.
In the twelvth season, Kathy answered Elliot's cell phone- she saw that it was Olivia and referred her as his office wife. Kathy called Olivia 'Liv'. Other than talking to each other on the phone, Olivia and Kathy shared no scenes together. It was Christopher Meloni's final season.

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