Thursday, October 25, 2012

Kathy Mentions

Stalked- Kathy (by Richard White)
Contact- my wife
Slaves- my wife
Pique- my wife
Scourge- Kathy
Stolen- my wife
Monogamy- Honey, she
Execution- her (by Elliot and Matthew Brotus)
Chameleon- Kathy (by Olivia); my wife
Tortured- Kathy (by Olivia)
Dominance- my wife
Futility- Kathy
Mother- Kathy (by Olivia)
Serendipity- my wife
Choice- Kathy (by Olivia and Elliot)
Shaken- Kathy
Birthright- your wife (by Casey)
Debt- Kathy
Scavenger- Baby, my wife, the wife
Doubt- your wife (by Lorna Scarry); Kathy (by Elliot; later by Olivia)
Contagious- Kathy (by Olivia); Mom (by Maureen)
Quarry- Kathy (by Elliot; by Olivia)
Game- Kathy (by Cragen)
Hooked- Mom (by Kathleen)
Rage- your wife
Pure- your wife (by Sebastian Ballentine)
Parts- Kathy
Ripped- Kathy (by Pete Breslin; by Elliot); my wife
Raw- Kathy (by Olivia)
Taboo- Kathy (by Cragen)
Fat- your wife (by Father Denis)
Choreographed- Kathy (by Elliot and Olivia)
Sin- Kathy
Savant- Kathy (by Olivia)
Svengali- my pregnant wife
Snitch- my wife
Inconceivable- Kathy
Closet- Kathy
Lunacy- your mom (by Elliot, talking to Dickie)
Transitions- his mom (by Elliot, referring about Dickie)
Sugar- Kathy
Perverted- Kath, Babe (by Elliot); Kathy (by Olivia)
Shadow- Kathy
Beef- my wife
Possessed- your wife (by Eldon Balugh)
Spectacle- Kathy (by Cragen)
Bang- my wife

Note: these are episodes that Kathy/Isabel Gillies do not appear in- only mentioned by name. The ones that do not have () were from Elliot.

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