Thursday, October 18, 2012

Inconceivable (season 9)

Olivia saw Don and the Chief of Detectives Muldrew coming towards her and Elliot, got suspicious. Chief Muldrew congratulated Elliot for being a new father
Chief Muldrew: Elliot, I understand you're a proud new papa
Chief Muldrew noticed a picture on Elliot's desk of himself with the baby, picking it up for a closer look
Chief Muldrew: Oh, is this the little tyke?
Elliot: Eli
Chief Muldrew: Hmm, now that is fine work Detective
Elliot: Thank you
Chief Muldrew and Don explained to Elliot and Olivia about the stolen embryos, counting them as Special Victims. They need to find them right away before the expiration date to be saved.
Elliot, Olivia, Fin, and Chester were going over patient files for any information needed; Elliot felt that they have more important cases to solve while Olivia understood the case better
Elliot: You know, I don't. I had kids the old-fashioned way
Olivia: Well, some people aren't as blessed as you are

Later, Elliot was explaining to Olivia that parents make hard choices for their children
Elliot: Parents have to make hard choices. Now this last pregnancy- Kathy was over 40. It makes for higher risk things like Down Syndrome.
Olivia: And you know what? Eli turned out perfect so spare me the perils of women over 40 having babies

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