Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hard Working Law & Order Star Meloni is Turning Up Everywhere

November 2006
...unlike the other Law & Order shows, SVU gives viewers a glimpse into it's characters' personal lives. "That's the most brillant aspect of the show," Meloni said during a recent interview. "It's the reason why more people are watching us than ever. We give it in dollops. We grab an eyedropper and put a little personal emotion in there. I drop one little teardrop there. If you pick it up, great; if you miss it, don't fret, just tune into USA," he said with a laugh. His character, Detective Elliot Stabler is stumbling through a mid-life crisis. His wife, the mother of his four children, has asked for a divorce. SVU fans hope Stabler finally will turn to his partner Detective Olivia Benson for comfort. "That can never happen," the actor said. "That would be a breach of trust. There's no way this guy could do that. He's too Catholic and there is no way he could recouncil a hooking up with Benson." While Benson was on an undercover assignment (and Hargitay was on maternity leave), Stabler has paired with Detective Dani Beck, played by 'Gladiator' star Connie Nielsen (through November 21). Viewers already know from previews that the two share a steamy kiss in the November 14 episode and maybe more. "They get a little closer than Benson and Stabler ever have," he said cryptically. As for working with Nielsen, he said, "I thought she brought a different sensuality and sexuality to the show, physically and visually."

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