Thursday, October 18, 2012

Elliot Stabler, Jr.

 Kathy gave birth to a healthy baby boy after a car accident while in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. At the hospital, Elliot rushed to Kathy's room. She was awake and holding the baby. After Elliot and Kathy shared a tender moment, she put the baby in Elliot's arms. He smiled at the baby, welcoming him to the world and introducing himself as his Daddy. After a brief uncertainly earlier, Kathy confirmed to Elliot that he was his father- which he knew. After the visit, Elliot met up with Olivia where he hugged her to thank her for being there to help his family. Olivia asked if they got a name: Kathy wanted to name him after Elliot.
 Elliot, Jr. was nicknamed Eli. Eli wasn't an easy baby- he had colic. When Elliot was home, he had his own share of taking care of Eli at night and having a diaper duty shift. After he was born, Kathy called Elliot's mother, Bernadette, with the news of his arrival. Despite his unplanned conception, Elliot and Kathy were very affectionate towards Eli while holding him.
 Elliot was concerned when he realized that some parents don't vaccinate their children to immune them from diseases that now his little boy was at risk. When Don told Elliot that his son was missing, he thought it was Eli but it turned out to be Dickie, who was out looking for his best friend. Before he retired, Elliot couldn't believe that Eli was about to start preschool. Elliot had a picture of himself and Eli on his desk until Olivia packed it up.

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