Thursday, October 25, 2012

Dani Beck

 In 2006, Olivia went undercover for the Feds to Oregon, so Warrants Officer Dhani Beck was transferred to SVU to be Elliot's partner. Dani was from Denmark and attended college in Germany where she met Michael Dooley, who was there overseas. They fell in love and got married, moving to the United States where they both worked as cops. But in November of 2002, Dani was waiting for Michael at their favorite restuarant for dinner. After waiting for a long time, an angry Dani believed Michael stood her up so she went home. She found the cops waiting for her at home with the news of her husband's death. Michael was killed from a hold-up robbery by two teenagers- they were sentenced to Attica. One of them was killed in prison while Dani was working in SVU; Dani kept track of their movements and made the ID of the body.
 Dani had a reputation of being overzealous and Elliot tried to help tone it down, showing her the ropes of working in Special Victims. After chasing a perp in his suit and shoes, Dani suggested to Elliot to lose those as they slowed him down. Elliot started to wear casual clothes for the remainder of the season. After Victor Bodine's arraignment, Casey, Elliot, and Dani went out for drinks. Casey saw another ADA she wanted to talk to, leaving Elliot and Dani alone. Dani realized it was getting late and wanted to go home. Elliot offered to take her rather than taking a cab. After Elliot opened his passenger door, he pulled Dani in for a kiss. They were interrupted by Don's urgent calls to both (they tried to ignore the calls). In another case, Elliot was trying to get through to Marc, a kid that refused to talk and stabbed Elliot in the chest. Don ordered Elliot to go to the hospial while Dani, Fin, and John go to a location. Instead, Dani accompanied Elliot to the hospital. Kathy and Kathleen rushed to the hospital after Don notified them- Elliot intoduced them to Dani. She left them to go check on Eden (who was found with Marc), a troubled girl who formed a dangerous attachement to Dani. Eden attempted to kill them both by setting Dani's apartment on fire. Dani left Special Victims, returning to Warrants.
Dani's Episodes
Connie Nielsen, Neal Baer, Christopher Meloni, and Dick Wolf have all confirmed that Dani Beck would only be in six episodes

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  1. God :/ I wish they did a follow up episode of Dani. I loved her so much; not sure why I felt the most sympathetic for her out of all the SVU characters. Her story is so heartbreaking

  2. I agree. I really loved her. I was very disappointed when I didn't see her on the show anymore.

  3. Hated the episodes Dani was in!1