Sunday, October 7, 2012

Contagious (season 6)

Young Holly Parcell was admitted to the hospital after a car accident and Doctors discovered that she had been sexually abused. Elliot volunteered to talk to her while she was getting a rape kit and wanted her dad.
Elliot: You'll see him in a while. What's your most favorite thing you like to do with your dad? I got twins your age, and we like to go to the beach together.
Holly was going to have an IV but has a fear of needles, so Elliot held her hand with Dr. Rebecca Hendrix looking on.
Holly: What do you do when something hurts?
Elliot: I think of my kids

While searching Mark Dobbins' home, Elliot nearly lost his temper almost wanting to punch Mark's wife Julie in the face for defending her husband (who was being accused of sexually abusing Holly). Elliot left the house with Olivia following him. He was losing it- it was never this hard. Olivia encouraged him to go home.
Elliot: The house is empty
Olivia: Call Kathy. Call your kids and go see them
Elliot: It's not the same. How do you walk away? You just don't walk away after 20 years. How do you walk away?
Olivia arranged for Maureen, Kathleen, Dickie, and Elizabeth to surprise Elliot with a birthday cake. Kathy gave Maureen the car keys. Elliot asked how Kathy was doing (okay). Elliot apologized to Mark for destroying his life before going back to hug his children.

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