Thursday, October 25, 2012

Confession (season 10)

Munch had to go over Jake Berlin's Pediphax site of children to try to ID them; Jake uploaded a new batch of pictures after Elliot and Olivia questioned him about someone they're investigating. Elliot recognized a little girl in one of the pictures, telling John, Olivia, and Fin that he had an errand to run.
Elliot went to confront Jake while John went to Don about the same photo
John: Captain, we got a big problem
Don: That's one of the kids from the website?
John: I didn't recognize her at first
Don: Who is she?
John: It's Stabler's daughter, Elizabeth. She's 15 now
Don: Elliot see this?
John: Yeah, he suddenly had an errand to run
Cragen told Munch to move while grabbing his gun, worried. Olivia and Fin found Jake beaten and Elliot was at the computer trying to delete Elizabeth's photo, but kept getting denied. They made Jake take it down. Jake wants Elliot arrested; instead he got suspended.

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