Sunday, October 28, 2012

Blinded (season 9)

 Elliot was seriously injured by Saul Picard, knocking him unconscious, Elliot woke up at the hospital with Kathy at his side; Olivia was talking to the nurse
Elliot: What's going on?
Kathy: Hey's awake!
Elliot: Kathy...
 Olivia greets him but Elliot couldn't see her as something was wrong. His eyesight was blurry
Elliot: Kathy???
Kathy: Right here Elliot, I'm right here
Elliot grabbed Kathy's hand in panic while she comforted him
 While Dr. Jane Larom explained Elliot's condition to Don and Olivia, Kathy sat next to Elliot's bed, holding hands while he was sleeping.
Casey needed Elliot to testify against Saul while he's on medical leave from work. Olivia was against Elliot testifying as she could do it as she was present at the time. But Casey wanted Elliot. So, Casey visited Elliot at home. He is a big boy. Elliot's eye-sight was still blurry but he's getting better
Casey: And you're sure you can handle facing Picard?
Elliot: You know I'm gonna have a child in a month. That's scary enough. It was the thought that I was never gonna be able to see that child. That terrified me. So, Picard? Bring him on.

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  1. Do you have a picture when Olivia walks toward Elliot when Kathy says he awake?