Sunday, October 7, 2012

Affection: Season 1

 A Single Life- Elliot and Kathy were in their bedroom getting ready for bed whle talking about Elliiot's case and their children. Kathy kissed Elliot on the cheek, hugging him while he rested his head on her shoulder.
 ...Or Just Look Like One- Elliot and Kathy kissed twice in the kitchen while discussing about Maureen's eating habits. Later, Elliot treated Kathy to a romantic Italian dinner hand-in-hand
 Hysteria- while lying down next to a sleeping Kathy, Elliot answered the phone to be called into work. Kathy snuggled his neck.
 Wanderlust- Elliot and Kathy were kissing passionately (or making out, whichever term you prefer) on the couch while watching TV until he realized that Maureen has a boyfriend
 Uncivilized- Elliot and Kathy greeted each other with a kiss when he arived (late) for a picnic while Elizabeth and Kathleen were clapping hands and Dickie was playing ball- Elliot was worried about him.
Chat Room- Elliot fixed Kathy a glass of win while he had a bottle of beer

Slaves- Elliot told Dr. Audrey Jackson how he dealt with the case by going home, hug his kids, and kiss his wife.

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