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Blinded (season 9)

 Elliot was seriously injured by Saul Picard, knocking him unconscious, Elliot woke up at the hospital with Kathy at his side; Olivia was talking to the nurse
Elliot: What's going on?
Kathy: Hey's awake!
Elliot: Kathy...
 Olivia greets him but Elliot couldn't see her as something was wrong. His eyesight was blurry
Elliot: Kathy???
Kathy: Right here Elliot, I'm right here
Elliot grabbed Kathy's hand in panic while she comforted him
 While Dr. Jane Larom explained Elliot's condition to Don and Olivia, Kathy sat next to Elliot's bed, holding hands while he was sleeping.
Casey needed Elliot to testify against Saul while he's on medical leave from work. Olivia was against Elliot testifying as she could do it as she was present at the time. But Casey wanted Elliot. So, Casey visited Elliot at home. He is a big boy. Elliot's eye-sight was still blurry but he's getting better
Casey: And you're sure you can handle facing Picard?
Elliot: You know I'm gonna have a child in a month. That's scary enough. It was the thought that I was never gonna be able to see that child. That terrified me. So, Picard? Bring him on.

Wanderlust (season 1)

 The family was getting ready to go out for dinner with Elliot fixing Elizabeth's hair while Maureen was fixing her own hair. Elizabeth took Maureen's lipstick to put it on herself but Maureen took it back. The phone rang; Kathleen gave the phone to Elliot to call him in. He will try to make it for dessert but Maureen didn't believe him. Dickie ran in to kiss his father goodbye along with Kathleen and Elizabeth. Elliot went to kiss Maureen but she refused
Maureen: Dad, not on the lips
Elliot (to Kathy): When did that happen?
Kathy: When you were at work
 Elliot and Kathy were making out on the couch with the television on until Elliot realizes that Maureen has a boyfriend. Kathy filled Elliot in on Jim Delmonico who does a lot of studying with Maureen, so Elliot may run into him. Elliot was not thrilled and wondered if Maureen had sex yet. Kathy hoped not. Elliot then wondered how they would know...if they'll know.
 Kathy was taking pictures of Maureen coming down for her Homecoming dance with Jim. After posing, it was time to leave. Elliot told Maureen that she looked beautiful. Maureen gave Elliot a hug, he gave her a kiss on the cheek
Maureen: Don't wait up for me
Elliot: Yeah, right.

Elliot went to Don's office after a teenager, Virginia Hayes, confessed to murdering her adult boyfriend. Elliot had seen Virginia like he saw Maureen while Olivia saw something different.
Elliot: I have a child a little younger than Virginia. When she was born, I used to take her to the playground and the grocery store, whatever. But it wasn't her that I would watch obsessively. It was the men all around, wanting to protect her from anything they might do to her.
Cragen: Elliot...
Elliot: The other night her date comes to pick her up. All I am thinking is 'What is this guy going to do to her?'
Cragen: I know
Cragen: Your daughter caring for someone doesn't mean she loves you any less
Elliot: I know that
Cragen: You want to be the only man in her life
Elliot: No...sort of

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Family Guy (UK's OK! 2007)

Detective Elliot Stabler turns to his daughter to help solve this week's teenage death mystery.

Stabler is keen to pin a charge of negligent homicide on the three party organizers and talks to his daughter, Kathleen, who advises him to monitor their social networking sites. What he sees leads him to believe another party is going to take place and as events take an unexpected twist, two more teenagers lose their lives.

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Kathy Mentions

Stalked- Kathy (by Richard White)
Contact- my wife
Slaves- my wife
Pique- my wife
Scourge- Kathy
Stolen- my wife
Monogamy- Honey, she
Execution- her (by Elliot and Matthew Brotus)
Chameleon- Kathy (by Olivia); my wife
Tortured- Kathy (by Olivia)
Dominance- my wife
Futility- Kathy
Mother- Kathy (by Olivia)
Serendipity- my wife
Choice- Kathy (by Olivia and Elliot)
Shaken- Kathy
Birthright- your wife (by Casey)
Debt- Kathy
Scavenger- Baby, my wife, the wife
Doubt- your wife (by Lorna Scarry); Kathy (by Elliot; later by Olivia)
Contagious- Kathy (by Olivia); Mom (by Maureen)
Quarry- Kathy (by Elliot; by Olivia)
Game- Kathy (by Cragen)
Hooked- Mom (by Kathleen)
Rage- your wife
Pure- your wife (by Sebastian Ballentine)
Parts- Kathy
Ripped- Kathy (by Pete Breslin; by Elliot); my wife
Raw- Kathy (by Olivia)
Taboo- Kathy (by Cragen)
Fat- your wife (by Father Denis)
Choreographed- Kathy (by Elliot and Olivia)
Sin- Kathy
Savant- Kathy (by Olivia)
Svengali- my pregnant wife
Snitch- my wife
Inconceivable- Kathy
Closet- Kathy
Lunacy- your mom (by Elliot, talking to Dickie)
Transitions- his mom (by Elliot, referring about Dickie)
Sugar- Kathy
Perverted- Kath, Babe (by Elliot); Kathy (by Olivia)
Shadow- Kathy
Beef- my wife
Possessed- your wife (by Eldon Balugh)
Spectacle- Kathy (by Cragen)
Bang- my wife

Note: these are episodes that Kathy/Isabel Gillies do not appear in- only mentioned by name. The ones that do not have () were from Elliot.

Dani Beck

 In 2006, Olivia went undercover for the Feds to Oregon, so Warrants Officer Dhani Beck was transferred to SVU to be Elliot's partner. Dani was from Denmark and attended college in Germany where she met Michael Dooley, who was there overseas. They fell in love and got married, moving to the United States where they both worked as cops. But in November of 2002, Dani was waiting for Michael at their favorite restuarant for dinner. After waiting for a long time, an angry Dani believed Michael stood her up so she went home. She found the cops waiting for her at home with the news of her husband's death. Michael was killed from a hold-up robbery by two teenagers- they were sentenced to Attica. One of them was killed in prison while Dani was working in SVU; Dani kept track of their movements and made the ID of the body.
 Dani had a reputation of being overzealous and Elliot tried to help tone it down, showing her the ropes of working in Special Victims. After chasing a perp in his suit and shoes, Dani suggested to Elliot to lose those as they slowed him down. Elliot started to wear casual clothes for the remainder of the season. After Victor Bodine's arraignment, Casey, Elliot, and Dani went out for drinks. Casey saw another ADA she wanted to talk to, leaving Elliot and Dani alone. Dani realized it was getting late and wanted to go home. Elliot offered to take her rather than taking a cab. After Elliot opened his passenger door, he pulled Dani in for a kiss. They were interrupted by Don's urgent calls to both (they tried to ignore the calls). In another case, Elliot was trying to get through to Marc, a kid that refused to talk and stabbed Elliot in the chest. Don ordered Elliot to go to the hospial while Dani, Fin, and John go to a location. Instead, Dani accompanied Elliot to the hospital. Kathy and Kathleen rushed to the hospital after Don notified them- Elliot intoduced them to Dani. She left them to go check on Eden (who was found with Marc), a troubled girl who formed a dangerous attachement to Dani. Eden attempted to kill them both by setting Dani's apartment on fire. Dani left Special Victims, returning to Warrants.
Dani's Episodes
Connie Nielsen, Neal Baer, Christopher Meloni, and Dick Wolf have all confirmed that Dani Beck would only be in six episodes

Dani Mentions

Michael & Dani

Hard Working Law & Order Star Meloni is Turning Up Everywhere

November 2006
...unlike the other Law & Order shows, SVU gives viewers a glimpse into it's characters' personal lives. "That's the most brillant aspect of the show," Meloni said during a recent interview. "It's the reason why more people are watching us than ever. We give it in dollops. We grab an eyedropper and put a little personal emotion in there. I drop one little teardrop there. If you pick it up, great; if you miss it, don't fret, just tune into USA," he said with a laugh. His character, Detective Elliot Stabler is stumbling through a mid-life crisis. His wife, the mother of his four children, has asked for a divorce. SVU fans hope Stabler finally will turn to his partner Detective Olivia Benson for comfort. "That can never happen," the actor said. "That would be a breach of trust. There's no way this guy could do that. He's too Catholic and there is no way he could recouncil a hooking up with Benson." While Benson was on an undercover assignment (and Hargitay was on maternity leave), Stabler has paired with Detective Dani Beck, played by 'Gladiator' star Connie Nielsen (through November 21). Viewers already know from previews that the two share a steamy kiss in the November 14 episode and maybe more. "They get a little closer than Benson and Stabler ever have," he said cryptically. As for working with Nielsen, he said, "I thought she brought a different sensuality and sexuality to the show, physically and visually."

TV Guide: Connie Nielsen (Oct. 2006)

Character traits: Warrant Officer Beck jumps to the sex-crimes squad to sub for Detective Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay on maternity leave). "Dani's a loner, really stranger, and very tough," Nielsen says. "She lost her husband, a cop. She wants to be an avenging angel!"

Partners-in-crime fighting: In a radical move for the all-about-the-case franchise, Beck and partner Detective Elliot Stabler (Christopher Meloni) get romantic! As a bonus, she gets Stabler out of his cop suits and into jeans and denim jackets. "She teaches him to lose his stiffness"

TV Guide's 2006 Fall Preview

Where we left off: Elliot Stabler found himself estranged from both his partner Detective Olivia Benson and his wife, Kathy.
D-I-V-O-R-C-E? Hargitay, who gave birth to a son in June, will appear in the new season's first episode (filmed last January) but won't be back until around episode 9. Her character's absence- she ditched sex crimes for computer cons- will allow plenty of time for the show to take a closer look at the Stabler family strife. "We're not even clear as to who wants the divorce and why," says Meloni on the confusion around the troubled marriage
Un-Stabler: Season 8 will find Stabler questioning his passionate approach to work. "I think he always felt the emotional wake of his estrangement from the two most important women in his life. The character find that rage starts eating him apart." Executive producer Neal Baer offers cryptically, "Something profound happens to him."
Is it getting hot in here? While Benson's away, Stabler will be teamped up for 6 episodes with Warrants officer, Dani Beck, played by Connie Nielsen. "SVU goes places it's never been before," Baer says. Adds Meloni, "Sparks fly". Excuse us? "I think my character is having a difficult time with where to place his emotions these days," the actor explains.

Christopher Meloni Preps For the Emmys

TV Guide; August 2006
What's up for Stabler this season?
He has to deal with a new partner (played by Connie Nielsen) and Mariska and I have to figure out who we are and what we are in our professional relationship. Stabler's wife comes back in the picture a little bit. That's been fun...and weird.

That's interesting, considering she hasn't been in your life for a season. In what way does she come back into Stabler's life?
She and I have to figure out who we are, what we are, and where we are in our personal relationship

And what is he figuring out with the beautiful Dani, his new partner? We hear the professional might become, let's say, personal? A little romance happening?
We can only hope and pray, can't we?

Here are 3 gorgeous women trying to figure out their relationships with you. What's up with that?
Damn, baby. It's about time I got a little bit of this action!

What can you tell me about the relationship between Stabler and Dani?
She plays a warrant officer transferred to the unit, who's a little clunky in how she does her job. She's a little hotheaded so I got to calm her down. We've got to figure out how to best to work together. And...other stuff happens.

Do you get to kiss?
I don't know how much I can reveal

Do you get close?

What kind of surprises can we expect?
That's a question for Neal Baer. But there's a lot of room to play. We were very happy with what was happening between my wife and I, so we decided to go with that.

You might get back with her?
I don't know what the dymanics are, but she'll play a little larger role in my life, yeah.

Confession (season 10)

Munch had to go over Jake Berlin's Pediphax site of children to try to ID them; Jake uploaded a new batch of pictures after Elliot and Olivia questioned him about someone they're investigating. Elliot recognized a little girl in one of the pictures, telling John, Olivia, and Fin that he had an errand to run.
Elliot went to confront Jake while John went to Don about the same photo
John: Captain, we got a big problem
Don: That's one of the kids from the website?
John: I didn't recognize her at first
Don: Who is she?
John: It's Stabler's daughter, Elizabeth. She's 15 now
Don: Elliot see this?
John: Yeah, he suddenly had an errand to run
Cragen told Munch to move while grabbing his gun, worried. Olivia and Fin found Jake beaten and Elliot was at the computer trying to delete Elizabeth's photo, but kept getting denied. They made Jake take it down. Jake wants Elliot arrested; instead he got suspended.

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Elliot Stabler, Jr.

 Kathy gave birth to a healthy baby boy after a car accident while in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. At the hospital, Elliot rushed to Kathy's room. She was awake and holding the baby. After Elliot and Kathy shared a tender moment, she put the baby in Elliot's arms. He smiled at the baby, welcoming him to the world and introducing himself as his Daddy. After a brief uncertainly earlier, Kathy confirmed to Elliot that he was his father- which he knew. After the visit, Elliot met up with Olivia where he hugged her to thank her for being there to help his family. Olivia asked if they got a name: Kathy wanted to name him after Elliot.
 Elliot, Jr. was nicknamed Eli. Eli wasn't an easy baby- he had colic. When Elliot was home, he had his own share of taking care of Eli at night and having a diaper duty shift. After he was born, Kathy called Elliot's mother, Bernadette, with the news of his arrival. Despite his unplanned conception, Elliot and Kathy were very affectionate towards Eli while holding him.
 Elliot was concerned when he realized that some parents don't vaccinate their children to immune them from diseases that now his little boy was at risk. When Don told Elliot that his son was missing, he thought it was Eli but it turned out to be Dickie, who was out looking for his best friend. Before he retired, Elliot couldn't believe that Eli was about to start preschool. Elliot had a picture of himself and Eli on his desk until Olivia packed it up.

Demons (season 7)

Elliot went undercover to keep his eye on Ray Schenkel, who was just released from prison on parole as a pedophile. Elliot participated in group therapy as a convicted pedophile
Therapist: ...and sine your arrest, have you been thinking about your step-daughter?
Elliot: I just remember kissing her and touching her. Just can't make those memories go away. I'm afraid...that I'd do it again
Therapist: How'd that make you feel?
Elliot: I hate myself
Therapist: What do you do with all that hate?
Elliot: I get mad and I want to hurt someone
Therapist: If you can't learn to control you temper, you'll lose everything.

In my opinion: why I included this episode? Yeah, Elliot wasn't "directly" talking about Kathy but when Elliot was 'remembering kissing and touching her, just can't make those memories go away' I do believe strongly that he was referring to Kathy. I think that Elliot did get personal until he caught himself of who he was pretending to be a pedophile. I also think the Therapist was right on about Elliot's temper and losing everything- that's what pretty much happened during that time.

Inconceivable (season 9)

Olivia saw Don and the Chief of Detectives Muldrew coming towards her and Elliot, got suspicious. Chief Muldrew congratulated Elliot for being a new father
Chief Muldrew: Elliot, I understand you're a proud new papa
Chief Muldrew noticed a picture on Elliot's desk of himself with the baby, picking it up for a closer look
Chief Muldrew: Oh, is this the little tyke?
Elliot: Eli
Chief Muldrew: Hmm, now that is fine work Detective
Elliot: Thank you
Chief Muldrew and Don explained to Elliot and Olivia about the stolen embryos, counting them as Special Victims. They need to find them right away before the expiration date to be saved.
Elliot, Olivia, Fin, and Chester were going over patient files for any information needed; Elliot felt that they have more important cases to solve while Olivia understood the case better
Elliot: You know, I don't. I had kids the old-fashioned way
Olivia: Well, some people aren't as blessed as you are

Later, Elliot was explaining to Olivia that parents make hard choices for their children
Elliot: Parents have to make hard choices. Now this last pregnancy- Kathy was over 40. It makes for higher risk things like Down Syndrome.
Olivia: And you know what? Eli turned out perfect so spare me the perils of women over 40 having babies

Scheherezade (season 8)

 Elliot, Kathy, Maureen, and Kathleen attended Dickie and Elizabeth's confirmation ceremony. Elizabeth chose Claire while Dickie choose Michael, which caught Maureen by surprise.
 Maureen: I thought Dickie chose Peter as his confirmation name
Elliot: Saint Michael. Patron Saints of cops
Kathy: He's trying to please his father
Kathleen: Like that's gonna get you guys back together
Elliot gave Kathleen a look before going back to the ceremony.
 After the ceremony, Elliot offered to take them to lunch for some burgers but they already had plans with their grandmother (Kathy's mother), so maybe next time. Kathleen wanted to mingle, taking Maureen with her while Dickie and Elizabeth took their photos
Maureen: Bye Dad
Elliot: I love you
Kathy: It's still hard for them
Elliot: I know
Father Denis approached Elliot to ask him for a favor. Kathy left them alone to talk
Elliot: Hey, tell them I want to say goodbye to them before they go, okay?
Kathy: Okay

Note: Filmed in the Spring of 2006 during the production of season 7 during Mariska's pregnancy. This was technically the first episode of Isabel returning to SVU since her divorce of her first marriage and moving back to New York from Ohio.
Rumor has it that this episode was originally intended to be season 8's opener but instead got pushed back to mid-season 8.

Kathy's Job

All too often I've seen fans of the show believing that Kathy was a nurse. I also know it's been mentioned in quite a number of fan-fictions. Well, I'm going to put the truth out of the open: Kathy was never a nurse. In fact, it was never mentioned what Kathy did for a living other than being a wife and mother. There was a mentioned of Kathy working in the past in the episode called Stolen in season 3 but Elliot did not say exactly what. All he said was that his wife worked days while he worked nights while taking turns to take care of their baby Maureen while making ends meet. She could've been a nurse, granted, but it's hard to prove since her 'medical' expertise were never offered or asked to used once which was why I squash the "Kathy's a nurse" rumor down. Kathy could've worked while separated from Elliot but whatever she did during the separation (and that includes dating others- but we'll get into that another time for another entry) was never explored or been given a passing mention. I do think that Kathy being friends with a nurse got many confused and assumed that Kathy was a nurse too. For all we know, Kathy and Carol Porter (the nurse) knew each other as children, or as one-time neighbors- they could've met anywhere!
I do remember seeing some 'sides' (random pages of scripts released to find actors for a certain role to do an audition) from an episode called Hell in season 10 and there was a scene where Elliot was in the library to find someone who was at the aisle- the librarian was about to mentioned the number codes of the aisle the person of interest would normally be found but Elliot figured out right away. Fin/Olivia (I don't remember which one it was, I think it was originally Olivia but due to last minute changes, Fin took Olivia's place in the scene) gave Elliot a funny look and he explained that he used to help Kathy study for Library Science. The scene was either not filmed or it was cut out, so don't bother looking for it. Those sides are now long gone, I just have that library part engraved into my memory.

Popular (season 3)

 Elliot and Kathy attended Kathleen's parent-teacher conference about her grades. Elliot was not happy about the idea of Kathleen going to summer school while Kathy was confident that she will be all right as they were working on it.
Elliot: Then why am I just hearing about this?
Kathy: Because you work really hard and most nights you're not home until the kids are in bed
 At home, Elliot caught Kathleen on the phone and told her to get off. She was grounded until further notice. Kathy had nothing to say when Kathleen turned to her. Kathleen went upstairs in a huff
Elliot: You know, it is abuntantly clear to me you are the parent and I'm a paycheck
Kathy: You are a good father, but you're overreacting
Elliot: Oh
Kathy: You know, we are pretty lucky. We've never had any real trouble with the kids
Elliot: Trouble's relative
Kathy continues on to talk about a teenager. Elliot questioned Kathy of whatever information she knew from her nurse friend, Carol Porter. The teenager (Cynthia Wilmont) didn't want to report her rape but Elliot wanted to get justice for her.
Elliot tried to question Carol but she refused to answer his questions and was disappointed that Kathy told him.
Elliot asked Olivia to get a copy of the sign-in sheet at the hospital to find out about the teenage rape victim. He told her that Kathy knew a nurse there who would know that he's snooping around.

 After finding out the identity of the teenage rape victim and tried to have her come forward- but she refused to talk.
Elliot and Olivia arrived back to the squad where Kathy was waiting. Olivia greeted Kathy and went to brief Don.
Elliot: You're angry
Kathy: Actually I'm not and that's what scares me
Elliot: You know why I had to pursue this
Kathy: I know that I lost a good friend today, but you lost something much more important. And even if you don't realize it or you don't care...
Elliot: Now you know that's not true
Kathy: You played me, Elliot. You carried on that conversation drawing information out of me like I was your witness
Elliot continued to go on about what would happen to Cynthia if she didn't come forward with her rape
Kathy: I know you too well for that. But everything has a price. And I just hope that you can pay it
Kathy was leaving when she heard Olivia telling Elliot that Cynthia was pushed down the stairs. Kathy looked at Elliot and left.

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Affection: Season 1

 A Single Life- Elliot and Kathy were in their bedroom getting ready for bed whle talking about Elliiot's case and their children. Kathy kissed Elliot on the cheek, hugging him while he rested his head on her shoulder.
 ...Or Just Look Like One- Elliot and Kathy kissed twice in the kitchen while discussing about Maureen's eating habits. Later, Elliot treated Kathy to a romantic Italian dinner hand-in-hand
 Hysteria- while lying down next to a sleeping Kathy, Elliot answered the phone to be called into work. Kathy snuggled his neck.
 Wanderlust- Elliot and Kathy were kissing passionately (or making out, whichever term you prefer) on the couch while watching TV until he realized that Maureen has a boyfriend
 Uncivilized- Elliot and Kathy greeted each other with a kiss when he arived (late) for a picnic while Elizabeth and Kathleen were clapping hands and Dickie was playing ball- Elliot was worried about him.
Chat Room- Elliot fixed Kathy a glass of win while he had a bottle of beer

Slaves- Elliot told Dr. Audrey Jackson how he dealt with the case by going home, hug his kids, and kiss his wife.

Chris Meloni on 'The View' 2006

I gotta tell you, Stabler has been doing his thing this season on Law & Order. He's a little wound tight though
Chris: Yeah, things are crumbling a little bit around him

His personal life is going downhill, his partnership...
Chris: Yeah, everyone has their own opinion about that. That's the best part, going out on the streets and people are like "Get back with her, she's the best thing that ever happened in your life"

I know that your TV wife is named Kathy, isn't it?
Chris: Hm-mm

The Separation

 Elliot and Kathy's marriage was not always perfect. They had their own fair share of problems, mainly with Elliot's job. It wasn't the general role as a cop that Kathy didn't like- it was the amount of hours that Elliot wasn't home and failure of communication. Elliot was very protective of his family, he wouldn't let that world touch his family despite no all-time surveillance but he didn't have to be their window. The point was proven when Maureen witnessed Elliot helping out other cops in discovery of a murdered man and she was shaken. Kathy was also having some jealousy over the amount of time Elliot spent with his partner Olivia and being able to talk to her about the case. Elliot was aware about the amount of time he spent with Olivia and wasn't happy about it himself. It was rare for Elliot to talk to Kathy about work- more so regarding cases of children.
 A year before their separation, Elliot told Kathy about a young boy who was found eating out of the garbage cans. He called Elliot and Kathy told him to go check on him. Kathy understood why Elliot was a cop; she knew he was determined and wanted to help, and get justice. Then, all of the sudden, Lorna Scarry (an attorney) outed Elliot's marital status in Don's office when her client accused him of sexual assault. Her private investigator discovered that Kathy filed for legal separation and moved in with her mother, taking the children. The job was making Elliot difficult to live with and Kathy was tired of him being angry all the time. Elliot went to the Priest for counseling but the next thing he knew she wanted out. Elliot has done what he was supposed to do: he got a good job, he never cheated on his wife, and he lost his children! It wasn't supposed to happen but it did.
 Elliot was angry at Kathy: he couldn't understand how Kathy could walk away after 20 years of marriage. Elliot wasn't burnt out on his marriage while Kathy bailed, cutting him loose without a clue. Although Kathy has been giving him clues! Just three years previously, Kathy felt that Elliot was shutting her out while Elliot just wouldn't talk about his day at work as the cases seemed like it was getting worst than the last; one of them has to sleep at night. However, Olivia disagreed; if he kept that up, Elliot would lose the best thing he ever had. It turned out she was right. Elliot would often spend the night at the crib, refusing to go home as it was empty (unless Don made him) and calling his children wasn't the same. Although Kathy encouraged Elliot and the children to spend time together, Elliot threw himself into his work and hardly saw his children.
The separation was hard on the children: Kathleen was arrested for a DUI after making an illegal U-turn and Dickie got suspended for busting a kid's lip. Kathy eventually started divorce proceedings- Elliot got the papers but didn't sign them right away. When Kathy was looking for a divorce lawyer, one suggested using the Silver Bullet stratgey where a wife accused the husband for abuse to tip the balance in her favor. But she didn't hire him. After months, Kathy went to see Elliot at work to talk to him, mainly about Kathleen's latest drama. However, Elliot noticed that Kathy had more to say. Kathy wanted to know why he hadn't signed the divorce papers yet? Elliot wouldn't talk to her or her lawyer. The kids were asking if they were going to get back together but she ran out of things to say. She wanted an answer: Elliot didn't know. Kathy accepted it for now until enough time passed when she got more determined.
 Kathy then turned to Olivia, meeting at the park. Although they were getting a divorce, Kathy did still cared for Elliot; a piece of paper doesn't change anything but Kathy knew Elliot well enough that he needed to be on solid ground to move on. Olivia gave him stability to help him. Kathy used to worry about Elliot prefering to spend time with Olivia than with her and the kids, but it wasn't true. Elliot used to talk about her all the time. But, Olivia knew things about Elliot Kathy would never understand and that's what she was counting on: she wanted Olivia to talk to Elliot to sign the papers. If she did it without consent, it would be expensive and take more time. But Olivia didn't talk to Elliot. He eventually realized that when love warps into hate there's nothing they wouldn't do. Elliot didn't want Kathy to ever regret him. He left the divorce papers in Kathy's mail box late at night, ringing the doorbell before leaving. Elliot saw Kathy coming out and found the papers. She saw him get into his car and drove away. But the divorce never came through. Elliot wanted to come home.
A year after they had their fifth child, Elliot and Kathy hit a rough patch. Elliot didn't want to talk to Kathy when she tried calling him, wanting to know when he was coming home. He then went undercover and didn't alert Kathy. Instead, Olivia went over to notify Kathy. But she couldn't take it anymore- she had been sleeping on it before. While packing a bag for herself and Eli, Olivia was trying to comfort Kathy, reassuring her that she'll tell Elliot to call her. Kathy caved in and stayed with Elliot. After that close call, Elliot got much better. He may not open up as much but Elliot got more attentive to his family.

The Stabler Children & Olivia

Like any parent, Elliot talked about his children all the time. A case involving children would affect Elliot close to home and while Olivia wasn't a parent, she sometimes understood his point of view the best she could.
In the first season, Olivia and the Stabler children did not share any scenes (although they may have met off-screen) until the second season in a brief scene.
 It was the twins' birthday when Kathy took them to see their very busy Dad and Olivia rushed in with a new lead.
 It wasn't until the third season when Olivia first interacted with one of the Stabler children- Maureen. Olivia first noticed Maureen walking towards them to talk to her father; Olivia greeted. After Elliot and Maureen had their private conversation in Don's office, Olivia asked Maureen about school and college applications until Elliot reminded Maureen that she'll be late. The private conversation was tense and it bothered Elliot- it showed through by him being a jerk. Elliot screwed up by being distracted for not sending in a check with the college application. Eventually, Olivia realized there was more to Elliot's family problems.
 In the sixth season, Kathy left Elliot and took the kids with her- Olivia was shocked by the news. Elliot was devastated. Whenever Olivia noticed that Elliot was under a lot of stress, she would tell him to go home but Elliot refused. The house was empty. Olivia suggested to call the kids, but again, Elliot refused. It's not the same. On his birthday, Olivia called his children to surprise Elliot. The children brought Elliot a cake and Kathy gave Maureen the keys to the car. Elliot was very happy to see them.
After Dickie was recovering from appencidis, Olivia asked in concern about him and if Elliot and Kathy ever wondered what their kids would be as grown ups. At least Elliot and Kathy knew what they're passing to their kids while Olivia's DNA was drunk and cruel.
There was a momentary worry for Elliot when he realized from the HIV patients list that Kathleen's ex-boyfriend was on it. But Kathleen never slept with him. However, Kathleen started to have her own problems with the law, starting with getting a DUI.

In the seventh season, the children did not appear during the entire season. However, there were a few references. Elliot was still having a tough time with the separation, which progressed into divorce proceedings. He was also reeling from missing his children and refusing to go home. Elliot spent most nights sleeping in the crib at work.

In the eigth season, Olivia could see the fatherly pride in Elliot's face when Kathy called him about Dickie's suspension for punching a kid. After discovering three children and a wife dead, Elliot was shaken up that he needed to leave. Olivia went to update Don while Elliot went to see his wife and children. A few months later, Olivia was the first person Elliot told that Kathy was pregnant. Olivia was surprised as Elliot hadn't moved back home yet and asked what he was going to do? Elliot didn't know what she meant by that, but they were interrupted before Olivia could answer.
 In the ninth season, Olivia rushed with Elliot to his home when Janis Donovan (a suspect in their case) was holding a pregnant Kathy hostage with a knife. Elliot managed to get Kathy out of the house while he and Olivia got Janis arrested. When Olivia and Elliot interviewed parents of disabled children, she could see that Elliot was concerned for Kathy, who was over 40 and having a baby.
By the time Kathy was nearing the end of her pregnancy, she had an appointment with her OB/GYN and needed a ride as her car was in the shop. Elliot was planning to do that but forgot about it after finding a body of a woman involved in their case. Elliot went to North Forks which was 3 hours away so Olivia volunteered to take Kathy to the appointment. While on their way, a drunk driver slammed into Olivia's car on the passenger (Kathy) side. Kathy's legs were pinned under the dashboard, she was dehydrated and in labor. The firefighters managed to get Kathy out of the car and into the ambulance where she gave birth to a baby boy. Olivia helped coach Kathy and was happy until she realized Kathy wasn't responding. Kathy needed more fluids and her heart briefly stopped; meanwhile Olivia took the baby, keeping him warm with a thermal blanket while paramedics worked on Kathy. At the hospital, Elliot rushed past Olivia to Kathy's room. After the visit, Olivia was waiting outside the room when Elliot came out. He hugged Olivia as a Thank You. Olivia asked if they picked a name- Kathy wanted to name the baby after Elliot. Just want the world needs: another Elliot Stabler.
At one point, Elliot was concern for Olivia over the stolen embryos case for being over 40, using Kathy as an example but Eli was a healthy baby.
 In the tenth season, Elliot discovered Elizabeth's old school photo on a pedophile site and got suspended for getting into a fight with Jake Berlin, the webmaster; risking Olivia, Fin, and John's careers.
Kathleen got into more trouble after stealing her father's credit card and then she broke into a home, stealing an antique necklace and taking a shower. Olivia took the case and learned from Kathy that Elliot's mother (who she didn't know about) had the same condition as Kathleen. Olivia took Bernie to see Kathleen in jail. Kathleen admitted to the court that she's sick and will take the medication with Olivia in the room, sitting next to Kathy.
 Dickie came by the squad to meet Colonel Dick Finlay, Elliot's hero. Olivia was surprised to see how tall Dickie's gotten. She hardly recognized him at first. There was a shooting that left two people dead so Elliot left to take Dickie home with Olivia walking them out.
 When Elliot went undercover, Olivia went to see Kathy to inform her- Eli was up. Kathy got mad over the fact that Elliot didn't call her himself and decided to leave him again, taking Eli with her. Olivia stopped Kathy and Eli from leaving, promising that she'll have Elliot call her.
 Olivia brought in Kathleen to help Kim Garnet, a victim of physical abuse from her boyfriend and was trying to protect him because she was afraid of him.
 In the eleventh season, Dickie went missing when he ditched school after getting into a fight- he was looking for his best friend, Shane Newsome. The detectives believed the possibility that Shane went back to drugs while Dickie insisted he wasn't. They were going to join the Buddy system in the Army. Olivia interrogated Dickie, which didn't phase him because Elliot does the same thing when trying to get personal. He tried to turn the tables by asking Olivia if she ever slept with her partner. As it turned out, Dickie was right. Shane was sober for many months from his autopsy report after being found dead.
Olivia was given guardianship of a premature baby girl, who's health was threatened. She asked Elliot what he would've done if Eli was sick and there was nothing he could do- Elliot isn't God.

In the twelvth season, Olivia was to speak at Take Back the Night rally for rape victims for Kathleen at her college. But her guardian child, Calvin Arliss, was having a tummy ache. A rape victim came forward, accusing Chuck Mills of rape, which Olivia got involved in.
Months later, Olivia got the news that Elliot was being accused of molestation in court and went to tell him; Elliot saw her coming, telling her that he needed to take an hour lunch to meet with a preschool for Eli until he realized something was up.
In the thirdteenth season, Olivia packed up Elliot's desk after he retired, including a picture of him and Eli.