Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Risk (season 4)

Elliot went undercover to expose an illegal drug and baby ring. Elliot shot a dirty cop and was put on desk duty. Kathy visited him at work; John saw her and suggested to Elliot to take a break.
Kathy: I bought you some dinner
Elliot: Now is not a good time
Kathy: You've got to eat
Elliot: I've got to find this guy
Kathy: It's after midnight, come home, get some rest.
Elliot: Kathy, I can't leave
Kathy was being affectionate to her husband- touching his neck and shoulder, kissing him on the cheek. Elliot heard John tell Olivia about a new lead and wants to be involved
Elliot: Hug the kids, I love you, thanks for dinner
When Elliot was leaving, he grabbed Kathy's head and kissed her on the lips

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