Monday, September 10, 2012

Quotes from 'Unofficial Companion of SVU' 2009

"'This is the right role for me and I should have it'. And then I got the part and that was that. I was in the first episode." -Isabel

"During this show, I've been engaged, married, had two babies of my own, got divorced, got remarried, got pregnant again" -Isabel
(note: sadly, her third pregnancy ended in a miscarriage)

"I can't do a TV show or a movie in LA or Vancouver because I have these kids, and for a long time I was a single mother so I really couldn't go anywhere so I just do this and I got married to a wonderful man, and I don't know- nice life!" -Isabel

"Kathy really has her family and she wishes it was more intact sometimes, and can be disappointed. But I think Elliot and Kathy have a nice marriage, they get it about marriage." -Isabel

"I love seeing what happens to Elliot in terms of the family. So many people watch it who have children and worry about what would happen if something dreadful happened to them, so the family is comforting in a way. It would almost be too cold for the lead Detective to have no reflective sensibility" -Isabel

"I love it. The thing about SVU is the humanity of it. I like that the family has a part in that, because it brings more humanity to the show. I feel incredibly proud to be a part of it, the whole franchise. It's a good example of how entertainment can work for people in their lives." -Isabel
"I think that a partnership between two cops is about as intimate a relationship as you can get. So what does that mean for men and women that work together in those situations every day? There's something they share that they don't share with others. In some ways, Stabler has two wives." -Amanda Green, SVU writer

"Stabler's wife is resigned she will never really have him to herself. To me, his family is immaterial. His wife's a bit player. He's miserable without Benson. I always see them as incredibly intimate in every single way." -Judith McCreary, SVU writer

"I remember being shocked when Neal Baer allowed the Stablers to separate. I do see that, as much as he loves Benson, she's the one who's still looking for the love of her life; he's found it. Dick would never allow soon as you get them together, the show's over." -Dawn DeNoon, SVU writer
"I'm the man in her (Olivia) life. I'm the solid guy, maybe the shoulder to cry on. It was very interesting, you know, when she delivers my wife's baby. We're rehearsing the scene and I said, 'Guys, I have to hug her. This is the only time this is going to happen, this is the only opportunity where I will initate physical contact with this woman...' That to me was the crux. Why? What comes out is 'Thank you'. Not 'I love you'." -Christopher

"There are people on the Internet who are like, 'I wish she'd died in that season 9 car crash!' Which is a little bit weird, I mean, don't wish death on anybody." -Isabel

"We figured let's have the other woman is his life deliver Kathy's baby. When we screeened that episode in the editing room, everyone was startled by the autoaccident. They didn't see it coming." -Neal Baer, SVU's Executive Producer

"The issue in this episode was partly how a cop leaves crime at the office when he comes home." -Jeff Eckerle (about Wrong is Right)

"This episode really affected me and it really affected Chris. There's a scene in a bar where Cragen has to pick up Stabler...and he tells the story where he smacked his kid once. It was some of the most emotional stuff Chris has done and on a personal level. In those moments you have Elliot Stabler and Chris Meloni and you don't know where the line is- and when it mixes like that, that's very ethereal." -Dann Florek (about Shaken)

"That look at the end between Dickie Stabler and his father is implied in the script but I might have taken it another step." -David Platt (about Game)

"What does Stabler get with his wife? 'Mow the lawn. Take out the trash. I need a check for the tuition. Spank Dickie, he was bad at school today.' The mundane side of life is what we have when we come home. At work, you have the very highs and very lows but it's never going to be 'Take out the trash'". -Amanda Green (about Underbelly)

"I wanted Stabler naked in that scene and figure what better place to see than his rear end? NBC has a 2-inch crack rule." -Peter Leto (about Annihilated)

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