Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Kathy with Elliot's Colleagues

 Donald Cragen
Captain Cragen and Kathy have crossed paths many times: they've shared a few brief scenes in Countdown, Clock, and Paternity- where he rushed to the accident scene with Elliot on the phone to talk to Kathy and arranged for the traffic to be redirected so the ambulance can go straight to the hospital without stopping. Kathy has left Dickie in Don's care to wait for Elliot in Game. In Cage, after sending Elliot to the Emergency room after being stabbed by a pen, Don called Kathy to inform her. In Shadow, Don gave Elliot permission to take Kathy and the kids to her sister's for safety when a threat to hurt his loved one(s) came in.
 John Munch
John and Kathy didn't really share any scenes other than being in the same room together: Risk, Screwed, and Turmoil. Elliot has referred John as "Uncle Munchie" to the twins who went to him for some pudding in Countdown. In Confession, John recognized Elizabeth's old school photo on a pedophile site after Elliot left (he already noticed); he didn't recognize her at first. In Gray, John reminded Elliot that he was drunk when he first met Kathy while he remembered it as romantic than a hook-up.
 Brian Cassidy
Brian and Kathy did not share any scenes together during his time on the show in season 1 (and he did return for season 13's finale Rhodium Nights as well as some upcoming episodes for season 14). Brian did ask Elliot if he ever found it hard to come hom to his children while investigating a child's murder. It's not as hard as making love after hearing about rape. Brian was soon transferred to Narcotics.
 Monique Jeffries
Kathy and Monique shared no scenes together during Monique's time on the show. After getting into trouble, she quit SVU and transferred to Vice
 Odafin Tutuola
Fin and Kathy have shared very brief scenes and were in the same room together: Risk, Clock, and Swing where Fin found Elliot to let him know his wife's here, upset. Elliot and Fin found Kathleen, rushing her to the hospital. He also helped to find Dickie in Turmoil. Fin and Kathy have spoken on the phone in Burned and Spectacle.
 Chester Lake
Kathy and Chester have shared no scenes during Chester's time on the show. The closest was in Blinded by being in the same hospital: Kathy was with Elliot while Chester was with Saul Picard, the suspect. Currently, Chester is in jail.
 Amanda Rollins
Transferred to SVU from Atlanta, Georgia after Elliot's retirement.
 Nick Amaro
Transferred from Warrants after Elliot's retirement
 Melinda Warner
Kathy and Melinda shared no scenes together. The closest was in Quarry, Kathy called Elliot was he was in the morgue with Melinda about Dickie being in the hospital. In Alternate, Kathy called Elliot while at a scene of the crime with Melinda to alert him that his suspect was at his house with a knife. Melinda performed an autopsy on Dickie's best friend, Shane Newsome in Turmoil- he was murdered and was sober for the final 6 months of his life (he was a drug addict)
 George Haung
Kathy and George have shared no scenes together. In Pique, George advised Elliot to get to the suspect's level of his hatred to women- using his wife. In Tangled, George asked Elliot if he gambles- only birth control. In Scavenger, Elliot pretended that George was Kathy on the phone while interrogating a suspect. In Charisma, Elliot talked to George about thinking of his children after finding dead children affecting his work- Elliot was put on sick leave.
 Alexandra Cabot
Kathy and Alex have shared no scenes together. Alex went into Witness Protection for a few years before coming back to SVU until briefly going to Congo to fight for women's rights before returning after Elliot's retirement. In Turmoil, Alex and Elliot were at odds about Elliot's distraction over his missing son and his personal bias over Dickie's best friend, compromising Alex's rape case.
 Casey Novak
Although onscreen Kathy and Casey didn't share any scenes together. Offscreen they have met: Birthright, where Casey was trying to find Elliot for a reality check; Kathy directed Casey to a park where he was playing with Dickie and Elizabeth. In Blinded, Casey went over to see Elliot at his house about testifying in trial; Kathy wasn't there. Elliot agreed to testify, facing his attacker. Casey was later censured for violating the Brady's Law, losing her license for 3 years before coming back on probation.
 Kim Greyleck
Kathy and Kim have shared no scenes together during Kim's time on the show. In Swing, Elliot turned to Kim to try to help Kathleen over her break-in charge; Kim advised him to get Kathleen a good lawyer. Kim later went back to Washington D.C.
 Sonya Paxton
Kathy and Sonya have shared no scenes together during Sonya's time on the show. In Gray, Sonya wanted to subpoena Kathleen for her part in the case but Elliot refused- she would be in trouble with her college. Sonya was murdered in Pursuit.
Gillian Hardwicke
Kathy and Gillian have never met. In Rescue, Gillian believed that Elliot is closer to Olivia than to his wife as partners usually are when she wanted Elliot and Olivia to be off a case as Olivia was personally close.

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