Monday, September 10, 2012

Kathy & the Kids

With a husband mostly working at all hours of the day and night, Kathy raised her four (later five) children practically on her own. When she left Elliot, Kathy took her children with her. With or without Elliot around, Kathy was very close to her children and was there for them. It was abundantly clear to Elliot that Kathy is the parent and he's the paycheck. None of the kids ever really talked back to Kathy as they have done so to Elliot, never displaying any anger towards her
Maureen filled Kathy in on her new boyfriend (and childhood friend) Jim Delmonico. When Elliot grounded Maureen for sneaking out and in late at night, Kathy didn't agree but went along after he reminded her that if her parents treated her that way then they wouldn't have had Maureen.
 When Elliot grounded Kathleen for having low grades, she tried to turn to Kathy to defend her but she had nothing to say, so Kathleen gave up and went to her room in a huff. When Kathleen was arrested for DUI, Kathy came to take Kathleen home.
When Dickie and Elliot were butting heads over his drug-recovery best friend, Shane Newsome, Dickie said nothing to or about Kathy when he was threatening that Elliot would never see him again when wanting to join the Army. He normally wouldn't worry Kathy as he did when Dickie was missing (looking for Shane).
As for Eli, Kathy was very loving and affectionate towards her baby boy (despite driving her crazy while colic)

In turn, the children seem to protect their mother- Kathleen found Elliot downstairs late at night after he and Kathy had sex. Kathleen easily figured out what had happened and told Elliot to either come home or don't- there's nothing in between, it's not fair to her mom.

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