Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Home (season 5)

 Elliot and Dickie were playing a board game. Elliot playfully hid one of the pieces while Dickie was taking his turn but caught him, accusing Elliot of cheating. Elliot picked up Dickie, rough-housing until his cell phone rang, putting him on the top bedbunk. Kathy was watching and laughing.

Elliot believed that it was young Jacob Nesbit while Kathy sent Dickie to get some cookies. There was nobody on the line.
Kathy: Is that the boy from today?
Elliot: Yeah, I think so
Kathy: Go
Elliot and Kathy kissed each other on the lips goodbye before he leaves.

Note: This was the last episode of the Stablers before their two-year separation/reunion

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