Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Elliot's Partners

 Jo Marlowe
Jo trained Elliot as a cop and they were partners until she left to go to law school after being a cop for 10 years. Jo became an Assistant District Attorney and was transferred to SVU by DA Jack McCoy to replace Alex Cabot. A year before joining SVU, Jo battled breast cancer and went through a break-up. Jo no longer represent SVU
 Pete Breslin
Elliot's radio car partner. Pete and his wife Lily divorced after he and Elliot parted; she moved to Michigan and doesn't keep contact with her ex husband or their son, Luke. Luke was on steroids after being pressured by Pete, who mentally and physically abused him. Luke was arrested after hitting his best friend Pamela at school and after discovering the drugs in court, Pete and Luke got into a fight in the court's bathroom. Elliot broke them apart and fought with Pete. Elliot went in couseling. Laker, Luke (high on steroids) shot Pete, who survived.

Dave Rosetti
Elliot's partner in Special Victims Unit who committed suicide during a case against Matthew Brotus

'Old Fatso' Alfonse
Elliot's partner in Special Victims Unit who retired to Florida
 Olivia Benson
Elliot's partner in Special Victims Unit since 1999 until 2011. Their partnership was longer than any other partners in the Unit. Elliot and Olivia have supported each other, saving their jobs, and getting close. Olivia was with Kathy when she gave birth to Eli. In 2011, Elliot retired from the Unit, without telling Olivia.
 John Hawkins
Elliot's teacher from the Police Academy who briefly partnered with him to catch a serial rapist-murderer from John's past case.
Sam Bishop
A Homicide Detective who was partnered with Elliot for a joint murder and pedophile case
 Lucius Blaine
A Special Victims Unit Detective from Queens, New York who had a reputation for bending the law like Elliot, while Olivia was transferred to Computer Crimes
 Dani Beck
A Warrants Detective who was transferred to Special Victims Unit to replace Olivia (while undercover for the FBI). Dani was a widow when her husband was murdered. Elliot and Dani were attracted toeach other, going as far to kiss and hold hands. Dani couldn't handle the victims and returned back to Warrants
Victor Moran
A Detective who liked to work alone, pairing up to work with Elliot and Fin on a serial rapist-murderer. His ex-wife and daughter were in a car accident- killing the ex wife while his daughter was in a coma. She later died, Victor donated her organs.

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