Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Chat Room (season 1)

 Elliot was fixing Kathy a glass of wine (while he had a bottle of beer) talking about his case: an online pedophile. Kathy would find spam emails that has something to show her but was smart enough to delete while teens would fall for the bait.
Kathy: And if we get them...
Elliot: Dickie, Maureen, Elizabeth, and Kathleen do too, I know.
Kathy: It scares me
Elliot: Honey, it scares me too. But I can't just walk into a room and restrain a guy
Kathy: Why not?
Elliot: I mean, these predators, you tell me where they are. I can't hear them, I can't see them.
Kathy: But they're out there
Elliot: Honey, they're in here
Elliot pointed to the computer behind him.
 Maureen was getting ready to leave to go study at her friend's house. Maureen realized that Elliot knew more than she told him. Elliot has been reading her emails and being over-protective. Maureen told him that she deleted all of the spam. Elliot wanted to talk about this while Maureen thought he's being paranoid.
Maureen: This is going real well. You want to read my journal too?
Elliot: No!...You have a journal?
Maureen: Unbelievable!
Maureen ran up the stairs and slammed the door.
Maureen was trying to get on the computer to do her homework and was having problems logging on because Elliot put in a child-safety lock. Elliot couldn't log in but Maureen managed to know another way in without the password. Elliot realized it's that easy.
Maureen: Yes. When are you going to start trusting me?
Elliot: I trust you. Look, sometimes I bring my work with me. Right now, I'm chasing a guy out there in cyberspace who goes after little girls. You know how I lock up all the doors and windows? Now they're coming in through there. This is about fear. This is not about trust.
Maureen: Stop reading my email
Elliot: Okay, I promise. And I'm sorry.
Elliot kissed Maureen on the forehead and left her to do homework.

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